Ability to stop a sounds playing 5 seconds earlier?


Hi, I was wondering if there was a wat to stop a sound from playing a bit earlier?



I’m not sure what you mean? When you stop a sound the sounds rapidly fade to silence. It’s done that way so as to avoid jarring stops. What do you mean by stopping sounds five seconds earlier?


Yes, but can you program it to play for just 10 seconds I mean. Thanks!


You can’t make the Player automatically stop, it’s designed to play sounds until you tell it otherwise but with the Creator you can set soundsets to play however you want. So if you wanted a mood that plays once and then stops after 10 seconds you can easily build that.

Have you checked out the Creator tutorial videos on our YouTube page? There lots of great guides there on how to build your own content


Thanks for the tip! I’m new to syrinscape so I don’t know everything, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


No problem at all, welcome to Syrinscape!! :slight_smile:

You can see the first of the videos I mentioned HERE