A Syrinscape / Fantasy Grounds Proposal

Hi Everyone,

I approached @benjamin about this a few weeks ago, and he gave me his blessing (was quite enthusiastic about it, actually - I hope he still is, and gives this Thread his endorsment hint hint).

Some Background

First, I need to give a small about of background - please bear with me:

As some of you know, I’ve recently undergone both stomach surgery (a Gastric Sleeve - TL:DR) and have also started dialysis (5 hours/day 3 day/week). This, as I’m sure you can imagine, has left me very, very fatigued and also with very little (spare) time.

Also, as some of you are aware, I am the creater (and maintainer) of the DOE:Sound Module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT (FG). In addition to this Module, I have created and am in the proces of creating many other Modules and Rulesets for FG, inlculing a couple for one of two campaigns that I run alternately on the weekends: a combined Deadlands Classic And Deadlands Hell On Earth Classic Saga known as A Tale O’ Terror (which we’ve recently started streaming on Twitch and posting on Youtube - www.twitch.tv/duluxoz and www.youtube.com/c/duluxoz, if anyone is interested).

About Deadlands

You can skip this part if you’re not really interested :smile:

Deadlands is a horror-western role-playing game set in the 1870s in the western USA of an aternative history Earth; the genre commonly is referred to as “Cattlepunk”. The original Deadlands game, now known as Deadlands Classic, has been revised a number of times from its original incarnation into a d20 version and now into its current Savage Worlds version. However, from a Syrinscape Sounds point of view, there is no practical difference between the different versions of Deadlands – although there may be some small differences between different versions of the same Adventure Modules, and there are some Adventures that exist only for a given version of Deadlands.

In addition to having several different versions of Deadlands across different gaming systems, Deadlands has two sister games: Deadlands Hell On Earth and Deadlands Lost Colony. Deadlands Hell On Earth follows the Deadlands timeline into the 2090s and adds a post apocalyptic element to the “standard” horror-western Cattlepunk genre of Deadlands (Apunkalyptic(?)), while Deadlands Lost Colony is also set in the 2090s but on a distant world cut off from the Earth of Deadlands Hell On Earth after the apocalypse, adding a “space opera”(?) aspect to the existing Cattlepunk feel of Deadlands.

All three games use the same game mechanics and share the same game history, etc. To distinguish between the game set in the 1870s and the “Deadlands System” overall, the game set in the 1870s has been given a sub-title of “The Weird West”, while Deadlands Hell On Earth has a sub-title of “The Wasted West” and Deadlands Lost Colony has the sub-title “The Way Out West”.

A number of other spin-off games also exist, including a Deadlands Collectable Card Game and a Rail Wars Board Game.

Deadlands is produced by Pinnacle Entertainment (the producers of Savage Worlds).

The Pitch

OK, so that’s the background - now here’s the pitch. :smile:

What I am proposing is to collaborate with one (or more) people to build a collection of Soundsets for Deadlands The Weird West for use with the Classic version of the game (and thus, hopefully, the other versions as well). I would both “manage” the project and also act as a general “End User Acceptance Tester” and “sounding board” - primarily because of both the reasons above and I have no skill in Soundset Composition.

I have already identified a number of Syrinscape One-Shots that we already use in my Deadlands Saga (Campaign), and have also already identified a number of “scenes” that would need to be covered - its just a matter of coming up with appropriate Mood music and putting everything together.

If the resulting Soundsets are good enough then there’s the possibility that we could sell them as as regular Syrinscape Soundsets (@benjamin has already said he’ll consider this - and there’s always the [DM’s Guild] (https://www.dmsguild.com/). In any case, we’d split the profits 50/50 (or 3 ways, or 4 ways, or whatever, depending upon circumstances). We won’t sell many (Deadlands Classic is s bit of a niche game) but I do itend to (eventually) release my various Deadlands Classic Rulesets, Modules, and Adventures, and the various Soundsets sound be compatible with other versions of Deadlands that already have FG material avaliable, so you never know. :man_shrugging:

Although I’m fousing on Deadlands The Weird West to start with, if someone wanted to focus on one (or both) of the other two settings that would be great as well.

I also envision (once at least some of the Soundsets are done) a number of SoundLink Libraries similar to the one @rob2ee did for the D&D 5E FG Ruleset.

So that’s it. Sorry it took so song to get it all out. :smile:

If you are interested then drop me a PM here or an email at matthew@peregrinit.net.

Cheers, and thanks for making it to the end :laughing:

While i dont have the time or expertise to help out on this i am very excited for deadlands soundsets and any other new content i can play with my group (although offline, not on FG).
Deadlands:Classic is my all-time favorite system, i ve been marshalling it constantly during the last 10 years (just now starting Heart o´ Darkness with my current group).

This sounds interesting. I messaged you.

This is so so so so so so so so so so cool!

Great to have the community building nice stuff!!!