A relaxing experiment


PAUSED TILL 9.00am Sydney time. :slight_smile:

Hey all,

OK Here’s an experiment! I have created an auto Game Master who will sit round all day playing some of the most relaxing sounds in Syrinscape.

  1. Run and link your Online Player with your account. Instructions here: https://www.syrinscape.com/online/

  2. Instead of the “What Next” step on the page linked above… Click this link:

Whenever you run the Online Player, you should here some relaxing sounds.

Sit back and enjoy!

Let me know if it works for you!

Is this something we should do more of?!?

NOTE: you don’t need a subscription or, in fact, ANY payment of any kind to listen in. Just a Syrinscape account. Cool, huh?! :smiley:

BASICALLY: sit and do whatever you are supposed to be doing, but do it:

  1. on the bridge of your starship

  2. floating down a river on your boat

  3. in an enormous flooded cavern filled with echoing drips and deep, calm music

  4. on your very own farm

  5. on the beach at Australia’s Lord Howe Island

  6. in the mysterious forest in the caverns under Waterdeep

  7. in a cave where the breeze make organ-pipe-like rock formations hoot in the wind

  8. in the lair of the siren!

Is there a limit to the number of players?


My usual relaxation DJ is going to be upset that this is now more amazing.


Except…it either crashed or went idle and closed…


Yes. I think my phone might be going idle every now and then and closing. It seems to be happy enough to restart. I’m sending a repeat call every 10 seconds so you’ll only ever have to wait that long to catch back up to where we were all relaxing together. :smiley:

What device are you using?


Ah. I’m using my desktop. Trying to decide if a game is campaign worthy or just a session or so.


I blame actual plague-zombies… :japanese_goblin::hammer:


I blame plague-zombies too!


Other relaxing sets to put into rotation, if you like:

Elven Vale Day
Elven Vale Night
Temple of the Jade Dragon - Pool of Contemplation or Chamber of Meditation
Nebula - Meditations in Space
Running the Net - Floating in Virtual Space
Time Tunnel - Calm in the Wait
Preserver Artifacts - Divine Beauty
Alien World - Ethereal Density


Ah! See I knew you would have good ideas @HECook. :slight_smile:

We are currently implementing this on the actual server so this can run 24/7 without my machine needing to be on and connected.

Stay tuned! (literally soon) :smiley: