A refined search engine - mood based


With so many soundsets it’s really hard to know where to look for the specific sound I want. I would love to see a search engine that allowed us to search for mood names. Moods are so much more specific than soundsset names. For instance - right now I’m searching for a gargoyle. Is there a gargoyle battle mood some where, nestled inside a soundset?


Is there a specific gargoyle set? I don’t believe so. But if you’d like something gargoyle-y, that can definitely happen.

Head over to Dream Quest II set (from Dreams of the Yellow King). That has several elements from the “ceramic guardians” mood that have stony movement. The whole “ceramic guardians” mood might actually suit it very well, as the ambient music in that set is creepy sounds and horror hits. Then go over to Nightgaunt Battle and turn on the nightgaunt wings and maybe nightgaunt screeches. Flying Fiend Battle also has some wing sounds that could be useful. You may want to add some sounds from Mountain Pass if you are in a high place.

While there’s no mood searches precisely, I do have a series of fear/horror sets that I found the most scary: https://syrinscape.com/account/campaigns/6403-b68aa67011/ I could likely do other ones to share if you’d like. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Will try them. That said, I would still value a “deeper” search engine.


@bjornsundell Thanks for the suggestion. Improved search in the online and genre players is definitely on our radar.