A new How-to Video


Hey all, if you’ve got a moment to take a look at this, I’d be super grateful. We are looking to replace the first look how-to video on the downloads page (which is REALLY REALLY REALLY long in the tooth.

Take a look…


  1. Clear enough?
  2. Covers most important things?
  3. Text overlays (how could they be better looking)?
  4. Needs captions?
  5. Anything else?

THANKS in ADVANCE! :smiley:


I thought it was a good intro video. Reminded me of several things, such as starting other sounds. Also that any sounds running can be turned into a custom set.

I thought it was clear what you were doing. I do like the use of the zooming to show specific clicks.

I did like that you just sped up a download so the process is shown but fast.

Overall, I thought it was a good intro video.


Hi Ben.
In order:

  1. yes. It jumps straight to the point, but the viewer probably already knows what this is all about, so it’s fine.
  2. sure, especially the useful mixing of sounds from different sets and the ability to set up custom ones
  3. well, I’d prefer smaller overlays. These look a bit on the pixelated side as if there was no antialiasing on them. Probably changing colors taking into considerations what background color they overlaying with would help
  4. I don’t think so
  5. While I love the Syrinscape logo wooshing to the viewer at the beginning, I think most people who are not into syrinscape yet would be better hooked by small pieces of real in-game sessions where the music/sounds really added up, This could be a 15-30 seconds common to all of your future videos (I know it seems a lot of time, but when the video is over 5 minutes…), Of course, if you’re using sessions from popular channels/events/authors all the better.


Thanks for feedback both! :slight_smile:

This has all gone in my brain!

…my TINY brain! :bug:


New user here! Haven’t subscribed to any services yet, but plan to. Was looking forward to using your services on my D&D game. But I’m baffled. I don’t have any sound. At all. I’ve checked all of your settings and I’m not spotting anything out of place. I’ve checked the volume on my phone, and it’s on. Is there a clash with the Iphone music software? A setting I have to approve on the phone? I’m baffled.


Have you tried these tips here… https://forum.syrinscape.com/t/syrinscape-doesnt-make-any-sound-on-my-ipad-or-iphone

Maybe your issues can be fixed by these.


That did it. Thanks.


Ahh… the pesky Ringer Mute strikes again! :smiley: