A collection on SoundSets for those Running Curse Of Strahd

So I’m new to Syrinscape and I’m currently preparing to run the new Curse Of Strahd campaign book so I thought I would share the List of Sound Sets I plan on using. https://syrinscape.com/account/campaigns/4072-1b03f1ce7d/

Its a work in progress, But I didn’t see any other shared playlists tailored to a Ravenloft setting so I’ll leave this here. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


Most excellent, good sir!


Right on! I’ve been working on creating a custom set for Death House, but… I feel like I’m running into difficulties.

Any SoundSet Creator experts willing to collaborate with me? danielm_1, have you worked with the Creator?

First, make sure you’ve seen all these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf0R9o14v3w&list=PLFxKCQySfglyTEaK-gSJyHRqhSYLFzq_w

Then ask lots of questions here! :smile:

I’ve not play the new Curse of Strahd material but do know my way around the creator so if I can help then I’d be happy to lend a hand

Hi! Sorry about the slow reply. Haven’t worked with the creator sadly.

I did however make good use of the Deserted desert house sound board and the dungeon depths soundboard when I ran the Death House and my players loved it. I used the spooky wind noises, the creaking doors and occasionally made it sound like something moved or fell over in another room. added a decent amount of immersion and had the players paranoid that something was actively moving around the house…


Yeah, you can pretty much have everything covered in these adventures with stuff that’s already in the Players.

It’d be cool if someone prepared versions all laid out and ready to use (like the Pathfinder ones) though. :slight_smile:

yeah that would be handy. Would encourage other D&D players to use Syrinscape too.

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Hey, I’m new to Syrinscape but I got it because I just found it, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, and it is what I’ve been looking for. I am running CoS soon too. Here is a list I’ve made after listening to most of the list: https://syrinscape.com/account/campaigns/4905-9451afa97c/
So, here is my base plan for the music!
-Taverns… ok we know how to use those.
-World music and non-specific: Spooky, Witchwood, Elven Vale Night, Dungeon Depths, BO Thistletop,Mountain Pass, & Elemental Earth (These all have good aspects for the various areas of Barovia and the many encounters you’ll find.)
-Krezk & Abbey of Saint Markovia: Bell Monk Temple and Abandoned Asylum
-Vallaki: Brindol Town with a mix of the other list (mostly Spooky and BO Thistletop)
-Death House: Abandoned Desert House and KC Ziggurat of the Night (The shadow apparitions for the cultist chants!{seriously though…do you know how hard it is to find good chants? Hard!})
-Old Bone Grinder: SM Following the Clues (lumber mill sounds)
-Fighter/Mage/Cleric: some combat sounds
-Wagon Journey: If your PCs ride with the Vistani
-Castle Ravenloft is still a mix-n-match of all these list. Spooky has the great organ blast for when the PCs first enter and encounter Strahd (if you go that route)

As always this list is not perfect and can always use some improvements. Hopefully the guys at Syrinscape will embrace us D&D players and make some list for our Campaigns. :innocent:


That’s a great list @axillaryrain! thanks for taking the time to list them all. It looks like you’ve had a real good look through the sets in the players which is fantastic.

Did you know that you can place all of the sets that you’ve listed into a campaign, which means that the column on the left of the player would only show the sets that you want to use in your game/session. Full details of how to build a campaign can be found here

You can also share campaigns with other users of the app, just hit ‘share this campaign’ in the campaign manager and then paste the ULR into a forum post in the Campaigns section.

For scenes like Abbey of Saint Markovia you can actually create your own moods. You can build them in either one of the soundsets that your using (Bell monk Temple or Abandoned Asylum) or you can build them in the Custom Moods soundset. That way when it comes to your game you only need to hit one button to start or stop the mood, just like any of the prebuilt ones. Details on building moods can be found Here

I know some people are already working on community content soundsets which tie in with several D&D campaigns. So if you have a Supersyrin subscription then you should hopefully see those appearing soon. With the Creator you will also be able to edit and tailor those as well as build your own soundsets. There is also lots of new Syrinscape content regularly released so I’m sure that there will be much more that can be added to the list

If you need any help or advice with anything feel free to check out the Pro tips section or ask on here :smile:

Thank you Sir!
I did create a Campaign and listed the url above for anyone who wants to get it.
I still haven’t figured out how to create my own “moods” yet but I’ll check out your link. I am a subscriber and I look forward to all the new content. Enjoy and have fun!