5E SpellPacks in Community Content


Update available on the Wizard spell SoundSet to include @davinci522’s awesome Wish Spell! Awesome job, man! :smiley: :pizza: :beers:

The rest of the spells are in production now.


Is there any indication when this pack will be available to buy?


Update: I had a guy booked and contracted to do these spells more than a month(+) ago… due to various reasons including the current virus thing… he has finally let me know he definitely can’t do them… so I am now getting going on them myself (with another possible helper that I am quite excited about).

SORRY for the delay… expect fun things soon!!!


Cannot wait for this and do apologise not your fault! :slight_smile:


What about adding weapons that are missing?


So, I got stuck into these yesterday and did the Paladin Spells = they are sounding great. I’ll continue working through these, with some help… so should have something VERY soon for people to test.

Are you saying you’d like each of the class SoundSets to have some weapon sounds there too, like we did for the Pathfinder ones… kinda typical weapons that class would use? Or something else? :slight_smile:


Yeah that would be great.

For example, I was looking for some axe sounds and there isnt the “hit, crit, miss” sounds that there are on the other weapons. Be great to have those for any weapons that are not there at the moment :).

Javelin is another example :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for this!


OK! There has been a complete refresh of ALL the Cleric Spells for D&D5E. Take a look! Hope you like them. Many of them are based on the original Spells as they existed before… but generally, longer, richer, more specific.

I’ve also completed the Paladin.

Moving onto the Wizard!

This is fun!


Cleric spells sound amazing!

I cannot find the Paladin set though, not released? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I haven’t made the Paladin and other smaller casters live yet. They will go in for approval with Wizards first… since we are now heading towards ACTUAL official D&D Spell sounds.

SuperSubs will get an early unlock once that happens (as is normal). :pizza: :beers:


My current Druid would love some Druid spells :slight_smile:


What is the sound of a paladin laying on hands, a class feature they will be using often?


Would add Wildshape :slight_smile: to druid spell list. Any update when they will be released for purchase? My players love the spell one-shots in our Fantasy Grounds games!!!


Done already! :slight_smile: :smiley:

The SpellPacks are all in for approval with Wizards… so just waiting for their final tick of approval!


Awesome :)! Can’t wait super excited :rofl: