5.1 For Online Player

Is there currently the ability to output a 5.1 or any other surround sound signal from the online player? If so, how can I do this.

If not, when are you all thinking of adding this capability?



Bump. Been waiting years for proper 5.1/7.1 sound from the online player…

I REALLY miss the old Fantasy Player which supported it. My speakers are in the ceiling around the table, and having stereo sound out of just 2 speakers on one end just, well, sounds horrible…

With the new Foundry module/integration, I really wanted to give Syrinscape another chance but this makes me sad.

Any news as to when/if this feature will be included?

This is NOT something we are going to get built into the Online Player anytime soon… too many other things clamouring for attention atm.

In the meantime, can someone test for me… as I don’t have a surround setup to hand atm.

If you play sound out of the Web Player (out hdmi OR optical output) (with the system set to surround output) does that come out all the speakers?


Can you use a “music enhanced” setting on the decoder, that pushes the sound to a ‘simulated’ 5.x speaker setup, right? Does that suffice, or sound workable?

No, sorry to say, but that’s not anywhere close to how surround sound should work. Just forcing the sound to play out of all speakers doesn’t create an immersive soundscape.

I have to say, I’m pretty upset this feature isn’t a priority. It’s one of the most important features for my table. We still play in person and have speakers around the whole table. I guess if you don’t depreciate the old players than I can still use that, but I would really like to see it come to the online player sometime too.

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No plan to do this soon, we just released an updated version (1.5). :slight_smile:

Have you had a chance to test the Web Player via HDMI or optical out?

It used to be that surround sound wasn’t possible via a web browser. I remember everyone bitching about it when watching Netflix through the browser, and I recall the response was to 'use the Netflix app if you want full audio functionality". I remember my friend downloading the Netflix app from the Microsoft store and voila, he had surround sound.

Browser apps have their limitations compared to actual apps. For example, look how sucky Syrinscape web is now compared to the Syrinscape client app, and how it forces me to use Firefox because Edge and Chrome have more issues with Syrinscape than I can count. It always seems to be an uphill battle with these always evolving web browsers.