3rd party integration


Hello~ It took me a while to get to this stage but after going through as many forums and youtube videos as i could find have just figured out my problem is that my computer will not trigger sounds in Syrinscape…

The closest article i could find to my problem is Syrinscape ProTip #24 - 3rd party integration as i am also running Windows 10 with the same anti virus and problems~ Unfortunately the post got a little too complicated for me to follow and i was wondering if there were any solutions which don’t involve regedit (which i have no experience with)

Any help will be much appreciated! ^^; Thank you in advance


Hi @jibywarrior, and welcome to the forums,

So what exactly is the issue? What (in detail) are you trying to acheive? What is (or isn’t) happening that is different from what you expect?

Get back to us with some more detil and we’ll get you sorter, OK?



Thank you and sorry was half asleep by the point i wrote that post.

So i have been trying to utilize the 3PI in the Syrinscape Fantasy Player. My end goal being that i am wanting to use it with Fantasy Grounds.

So after failing to trigger any sounds remotely from fantasy grounds. I went over the steps again in various videos / forums before trying to trigger the sounds with my browser / shortcuts. Running Syrinscape as Admin also did not work as well as reinstalling.

Syrinscape otherwise plays sounds fine along with voicemeter Banana and Discord~


Hey jibywarrior. Let me know if you are still having issues. I might be able to jump on with you sometime this weekend and get you sorted. Feel free to join my discord and pm me if you would like additional help.


Thanks @Dulux_Oz and @lordgwydione! @jibywarrior you are in very good hands with these two.

Let us know when you have it all working and feel free to reach out to us at Support if we can be of any more help :slight_smile: