3rd party integration Works for Syrinscape Online on EVERYTHING (but only on PC for the Standalone Player = Syrinscape Fantasy Player)


It’s becoming increasingly unclear to me if 3PI is supported on MacOS.

Some threads here say it’s not. The page where I downloaded the app says yes. The UI with the ‘+’ is present.

So, what’s the deal?


OK. To be clear:
3rd party integration does definitely NOT work on MAC in the Stand Alone Player.

NOTE: Master/Minion Player is your solution for getting sounds to your friends remotely.

NOTE: We are working on adding 3rd party integration into the Master UI, too… so you’ll be able to control Syrinscape from Fantasy Grounds etc as before.



Thanks for the reply. I had already cleared it up after some more searching of my own.

I understand you are a small team and I have to express that you already have a happy customer here. I subscribed to Syrinscape because I wanted a soundboard for my game, and it works wonderfully.

Having said that, I have to voice my slight frustration on the fact that I had to actually search around to discover that 3PI is not supported. In the downloads page, where it lists the versions, nowhere does it say that 3PI is PC exclusive. In the app itself, 3PI UI elements are present and fully operational and not a single pop-up or text message disclaiming “3PI not supported on MacOS.”

I am by no means implying any sort of misleading intent behind this. You have a fan here. But it does look a bit sloppy in my eyes. :confused:

NOTE: Master/Minion is not my solution for getting sounds to my friends remotely. I’m already outputting Syrinscape audio to Discord. Having said that, Master/Minion will probably be a more optimal solution when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

NOTE: Which brings me to Master/Minion’s 3PI. Now, THAT is what I’m eagerly awaiting, so that I can actually begin using it with Fantasy Grounds.


Master/Minion is up and running. Just go here to get started! :smile:


Yeah, sorry about that! :frowning:

The plan was to make 3rd party integration work on MAC, but it proved VERY difficult, complicated and therefor (ultimately) expensive!

So we have abandonded dev on that, to head towards getting it working for Master/Minion.

Makes sense? :smile:


You’ll get MUCH better audio quality with the Master/Minion so give it a try! :smile:


Yeah, figured as much, and yeah.

That I know, I’m fiddling around with it. I’m ASSUMING that it will also require less uploading bandwith on my end, or am I wrong on that?


Yes. The master sends literally only button clicks to the Minion Player.

The Minion Player quickly downloads any samples it needs right now and gets going (with just a couple of seconds latency the first time you play something from a SoundSet.

Cool, huh?!? :smile:


So sorry to hear you guys have given up on Mac OS deep linking.

I found an example project on git hub that is doing this very thing:

They apparently had some issues that needed working out here:


I just wasted an hour trying to work out what I was doing wrong getting Fantasy Grounds to Syrinscape on my Mac. Then I found this and realised it never would work. You really should turn off the ENABLE button on the 3PI setting on the Mac version.

I was just about to subscribe to the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS sounds, won’t be doing that until you have Mac integration. Sorry.


So sorry about that @nige

NOTE: We HAVE got 3rd party integration working for the Online Player… I am doing the final testing on this over the Christmas break and then we’ll be releasing it into the wild.

Sooo… stay tuned to this thread.


Hi Benjamin. Excited to hear that you guys were testing 3PI for the online player for the Mac. Was this released?

I am connected to a FG game on the Mac, but I am not getting any of the sounds from the DM – he’s using the master/minion app and it’s not playing anything for me.

Thanks for the update!


Syrinscape Online is a fully functioning beast.

Start here:
And make sure everyone has the latest bits of everything and follows the instructions carefully (they are reasonably simple).

THEN: using the API Links on the Master UI (not the ones in the Stand Alone Player) you can control Syrinscape at a distance.

Have a go… and then ask some more questions.

MAC Specific:

  1. Anything that can show a web page can control Syrinscape from the Master UI page = PC, MAC, Android, iOS
  2. Anything can run the Syrinscape Online app (to play the sounds), PC, MAC, Android, and iOS on Test flight atm.

All sense makes? :smiley: