1.4.2-20190516: Add Custom SoundSet to Campaign


Great job on integrating the SoundSet Creator in the Online Player. So far, I haven’t encountered any issues.

I have two questions, though:

  • Where are my SoundSets stored? On my PC or on your cloud servers?
  • How can I add my custom SoundSets (i.e. those created in the Online Player) to a campaign? So far, I haven’t found any other upload option than “Publish Soundset”.



PS You may have forgotten to upload the new iOS version to Apple’s App Store :wink:


@mogul76 Thanks for the feedback.

Your soundsets are stored directly on the server. No need to upload or publish your changes to access them privately. Changes should be available via the online player immediately, and genre players (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Board Game) with a ~5 minute delay.

There is a “publish” action (via the soundset property inspector) that will submit your soundset to Syrinscape staff for review as community content, in case you want to share your creation with the rest of the community.

Looks like there might be a bug causing private soundsets to go missing from the campaign manager. I’ll make a ticket to confirm and fix that, if broken.


Thanks for your answer, sonofconan.

I think that I’ve identified the issue which confused me. It’s possible to add custom SoundSets to a campaign. However, the “Search soundsets…” function doesn’t work with them.


Wanna check this out @tai_admin


@mogul76 @benjamin Yep, that will help me narrow it down.