Will Syrinscape run in the background on iPads and Android Tablets - HELP TESTING


Try this!!!

Download and give it try. Let us know how you do! I’ve found the stability of the audio to be a bit variable, depending on:

  1. the power of the device
  2. the power settings of the device
  3. the complexity of the SoundSet
  4. Syrinscape is just that full on of a multichannel, live effects, 3D sound app thing…


Is this version released for public yet, so it will run in Android background?


Not yet but it’s due for release VERY soon. We just need to survive PaizoCon and UKGames Expo first :slight_smile:

Definitely try out the test build though and let us know how you get on


@Norgalis Working for you?

I have found performance is highly variable, depending on device power vs SoundSet complexity.

(pretty much the reasons we have been giving for years for why we HAVEN’T enabled this feature before) :smiley:


Working ok on Galaxy S8, but I have another problem now :wink: While gaming I am using both Syrinscape and Spotify. Unfortunately now, with the newer version, I can only use either as when I push the “play” button on Spotify… Syrinscape immediately stops and it can not be turned on again (have to reset the application). With the previous version I could use both players at the same time, Syrinscape only stopped playing while it was in the background.

Keep on the good work, we are almost there! :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this working on iOS as well? Last time I tried it it didn’t work T_T


iOS wont allow Syrinscape to run in the background, in the same way it can’t run GarageBand unfortunately. Syrinscape Online however runs in a browser and so will be able to run in the background on iOS. The PC and Mac version of the online Player are already out and we are working on the iOS and Android versions at the minute so they should be released a little later this year :slight_smile:


OK. Here is the latest build with Unity 5 and a few audio bug fixes… seems to work pretty well for me.

@przemyslaw_kotlinski Yes, running Spotify kills Syrinscape dead. Can’t even imagine why… I guess Spotify is a driver hog.