What is the Syrinscape Online Player anyway?

Syrinscape Online Player = [insert promotional text copied and pasted]

Broadcast the sounds of your RPG to all of your players, anywhere in the world with Syrinscape’s Online Player! Compatible with Roll20, D20Pro, Fantasy Grounds,or any virtual tabletop, the Online Player is a killer solution for routing your Syrinscape sounds with no latency and no loss of quality, creating immersion and engagement for your players. With the Online Player, GMs can control Syrinscape in any browser and send sounds to an unlimited number of speakers, anywhere in the galaxy, in perfect sync and full-quality. Running games in the Online Player is exclusive to SuperSyrins - become one today!

Samples are served directly to your Players App as you click them in the Master UI (so no preloading content anymore), and all your clicks go through the Syrinscape servers and are delivered securely to your Players App (so no port forwarding or anything hideous like that).

It’s amazing.