What is the Master/Minion Player anyway?


Master/Minion Player = [insert promotional text copied and pasted]

Broadcast the sounds of your RPG to all of your players, anywhere in the world with Syrinscape’s new Master/Minion Player! Compatible with Roll20, D20Pro, Fantasy Grounds,or any virtual tabletop, the Master/Minion Player is a killer solution for routing your Syrinscape sounds with no latency and no loss of quality, creating immersion and engagement for your players. With the Master/Minion Player, GMs can control Syrinscape in any browser and send sounds to an unlimited number of speakers, anywhere in the galaxy, in perfect sync and full-quality. The Master/Minion Player is exclusive to SuperSyrins - become one today!



Hey, Ben, how does one actually access the Master/Minion player?


So, this is only for SuperSyrin members? Will it possibly become available for others?


I am also curious how we actually access the Master/Minion player? I’m a SuperSyrin member and don’t see it.


Hey @randastoda :smile:

Everything you need to know here:


Well I must say I’m disappointed.
I just recently purchased the Rise of the Runelords Mega Pack and a few others to round out the sounds for using with Fantasy grounds and Now I realize that it won’t work with the upcoming online streaming player since that will only work for subscribers not for those that just pay for the sound packs outright
Some of us prefer purchases vs rental fees and I was happy Syrinscape supported both models… But it seems it kinda does but really doesn’t .
Please consider putting a price tag on the master minion player that non subscribers could pay to upgrade to.


Hmmm… fair point.

There is significant ongoing cost for running the Online Player servers, so what about making running games work for the “Server Access” subscription (USD5.50).

Do you think would be fair?


Sorry for the delay, work got busy with end of school cleanup.

well i can’t speak to the specific mechanics of your server/client model in anything other then hypothetical s so hear goes :slight_smile:

Are all sound files streaming from your servers? or are is the server simply functioning as a matchmaking server?

I could see why a subscriber would stream from your servers and that would create a significant ongoing cost.

As a purchaser not a subscriber I wouldn’t want to stream from your servers but from my machine to the clients, all i would want from your servier is matchmaking authentication to facilitating linking my players(non paying so they don’t have rights to content in general) to me for the session which obviously only authorizes me to “play sounds to the players i have purchased”

So for authorizing the clients to join my “session” shouldn’t require a monthly subscription cost…it should just be a package I can purchase…so i don’t have to use 3rd party systems to pass audio to players(vlc http streaming, discord streaming etc).
I assume this would create a data cache on the players side that increases as i play more sounds so after first occurrence it would just trigger the player to play the local cached version not requiring a constant re transmit. Perhaps once the client disconnects from session the cache (is keyed encrypted etc) is purged.

so what would be a fair amount for the “player that supports matchmaking” I’d think a 20dollar update for the feature support would be reasonable. I think 50 dollars would not.


Samples are served directly to your Players as you click them in the Master UI, and all your clicks go through the Syrinscape serevrs and are delivered securely to your Players (so no port forwarding or anything hideous like that).

Aaaaaand… although we’d ALL like things to be free, ‘free’ doesn’t keep the servers going, and the apps developing and getting better, let alone fixing bugs and glitches as they arise, or developing the HOST of new sounds we want to build.

A full Syrinscape Supersub gets you access to every sound we’ve ever built, which is currently more than 300 SoundSets, so everything you MIGHT ever need is at your finger tips.

But to just play the stuff you own already… Hmmm… not $5 a month to make the wheels here turn? :slight_smile:


Sorry I missed the reply.
To clarify I don’t want things for free. I just would prefer a purchase fee and not a subscription.
Its the same reason I payed for the ultimate License for Fantasy grounds vs just paying monthly to rent access.
We’re playing once or twice a month,but that could change to less frequently and paying once keep for life has a value that a rental subscription doesn’t really meet the value proposition if we don’t keep an active game.