Using this in an online stream


Hey folks,

I do online streams, and the big thing pulling me from TabletopAudio to Syrinscape is this capability. I chatted with some of you at UK Games Expo about it, and I’m really glad it exists.

I hated having ambient audio, but no way for the remote players themselves to hear it. So thank you very much for putting this together.

I’ll probably do some live streams on how I handle setting up the stuff, but currently my main problem seems to be that of creating custom soundsets using the SoundSet Creator, and it either crashing or being such a pain to navigate. I’ll put more info on that in the respective forum, though.

I’m very happy to be using this feature in the near future, and to talk about it in glowing terms.


Glad to hear you are enjoying using Syrinscape Online (the new name for the Master/Minion). We have a lot more tweaks and improvements on the way for the program so keep an eye on the forums for updates :slight_smile:

With regards to the Creator Ben put together a series of tutorials to help navigate the program easier and to explain some of the pitfalls that can lead to the crashes you are experianceing. Check them out, there is a lot of good tricks and tips to help improve the workflow and make using the Creator an easier experiance ; Creator Tutorial


All I really need right now is the following things:

  • Text string filter of Soundsets
  • Sorting methods for Soundsets (ie date, alphabetic)
  • Text string filter for Elements
  • Ability to see a text list of the elements in a Soundset and its corresponding type without downloading the whole soundset’s data

If these things exist, I’d love to do a UX review of this app :wink:


the.sulaco makes a very good point in that thread you put up there.

It doesn’t matter if a video tutorial exists. A well-made app should be intuitive from the get-go, and allow a user to know how to interact with and use it without needing an external tutorial.

I realise this may be an MVP at the moment, so we might not be in a position to see perfect UX, but I can’t wait for additional work to be done. :smiley:


YES! @rossmills Most of the things you are suggesting are going to be really easily possible when the Creator functions are switched ON in the online player… and the most amazing thing about the online player is… you won’t have to pre-install any content at all… everything will run straight off our server, so you’ll have access to EVERY single Syrinscape element… searchable and usable, straight away.

AND what’s cool, is, because the Online Player interface is delivered dynamically from our server we can develop and adjust and tweak MUCH faster than we ever where with the Creator.

The only thing limiting the speed we get the work done on the Online Player is the budget. Believe me, we are burning as FAST as we can through our dev pathway. I want the pretty shiny toys just as much as you all do = I create every SoundSet in the Creator so i am very aware of its quirks and rough edges.

  • fetches hammer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do we have an ETA? My online game starts late October…


The Online Player is working right now… so go for it. just be prepared for a little more slowness and a few more crashes than you would expect with a finished product.


What’s the ETA for 1.0.0? :wink:


Oh this is good, and has the speed and flexibility in searching for things that I was looking for.

I can’t seem to create custom mood boards, though. And my ones from the SoundSet creator don’t seem to be visible. What am I missing?


Yeah, I definitely can’t find my custom mood boards in the Master Online UI. I’m not sure what I’m missing.

If they’re not available, that scuppers this tool for use in an online game, as I wanted a custom set of moods to play during specific games. Or just a big ol’ list of music pieces and ambient SFX as mood noises.


Right. I found it.


The “Upload” icon is right next to a “Download” icon, and as such would suggest that, like downloading to my desktop, I am able to upload FROM my desktop, when instead the “Upload” icon is used to upload the current soundset to the server. As such I thought it was trying to automatically sync and did not know I had to do it manually.

Suggested solution
The Upload icon should be “Sync”, and should be more prominent. This should come at the bottom of the soundset UI to indicate, like reading a book, that one is finished with the page and is now “Done”. See also: The Reply and Cancel buttons underneath this forum UI.