Using Syrinscape Online with 3rd party applications


@benjamin is there any update on this? I haven’t seen any announcement of an update or new version to download.


This went live TODAY!!!

You can now:

  1. Start and stop MOODS
  2. Start and stop ELEMENTS

Calls are the same for every user for every element except:

  1. Every call has to be accompanied by and authentication token so the server knows to whom the play/stop call should be delivered.
  2. At the moment you can find out the code attached to your code by copying any of the API links in the MasterUI
  3. BUT we plan to impliment having this code shown on the /cp/ page
  4. AND people need to be able to get a new code if they need to.

You can get the calls by toggling the “API Links” button at the top left of the Master UI.

We have also implemented our server delivering all the calls via an actual API… and we are testing that with a small closed group at the moment. (for smooth and easy Fantasy Grounds implementation).

It’s gonna be AMAZING!!!


Woot! I have a free day today so going to do some MapTool scripting and try this bad boy out and use it for this Sunday’s game!


Ok, so this is working pretty good!

Minor suggestion, as you work on #3 and such, maybe change the “copy” to get just the paramaters? In other words, normally for the API I don’t need to copy the base URL or the auth token as I would hard code those values (so there is a single place to change them if they change).

So for example, copying would just copy “moods/2574” or “elements/123”. I would probably set the /play /stop parameters as well so probably don’t need those.

Loving it so far anyways!

  1. Yeah. So we should offer both options, that should be easy enough. Have an additional toggle, or a drop down, instead of juts “API LINKS”

I’ll make a ticket for the dev team.

Thanks all!


Thanks, it’s a minor request so low priority. :slight_smile:

@benjamin Is there a way to pass “volume” levels yet? If there is a closed beta that you need some more help with, I’d be happy to help.

FYI: Everything went great last Sunday! No crashes and sounds kicked off without any issues. I must say, one benefit of the Master in the Browser is that I was able to keep multiple tabs open so I didn’t have to go back and forth in soundsets so much. :smiley:


If you have the master UI open in multiple tabs it stops the playing mood and starts a new one like normal? If so that’s an awesome tip to pass around


Yep, I used 2 tabs to keep open some common moods and change volumes on them when needed. Then another 2 tabs to search/use various sounds on demand.


AND players can use the API links to trigger their own spells and combat sounds and have them integrated into the stream.

AND we plan to support this more formally inside the Player’s Online Player app too… when we get to that. :slight_smile: