Transcoding Failed!


I been trying to import samples and I keep getting trannscoding failed. I have tried both wav and mp3 and different files but still unable to get it to work.

I tried deleting and reinstalling Syrinscape creator, including the appdata information and still no success any further suggestions?


So way around it is just convert to ogg, and it works might be an issue with the converting program.


Did you make sure that the files don’t have metadata in them and/or that they are in the correct file format?


Hi Adam,
The current build of the Creator will only accept OGG files and WAV files that are 16bit,44k files with all meta data removed. any other file type or setting will fail, which is probably why you were having problems. Glad to hear it worked ok though when you uploaded it as a OGG :smile:

If you haven’t already then check out Ben’s great tutorial video for some great