Syrinscape crashing every few minutes on IPad



I want to run Syrinscape on my games with IPad 2. I installed it but it crashes every couple of minutes.

  • IPad 2 64GB - iOS 9.3.5
  • I even factory reset it and installed only Syrinscape


Syrinscape is a powerful tool, that functions like a multimixer rather than a soundboard, often playing 20+ tracks at a time so it does require a device capable of running it smoothly.

The iPad 2 came out back in 2011 and IOS 9.3.5 was released back in 2016. With Apple’s habit of slowing down older devices, I think the problem you are having with the IPad crashing is that it’s not able to run the latest version of Syrinscape I’m afraid. Do you have a more up to date phone that you could maybe run Syrinscape on?


No. This is the only Apple device I have.

It’ll be perfect to control Syrinscape. :frowning:


Syrinscape runs perfectly on Android devices,maybe you have an Android based phone? :slight_smile:


I’ll try on my Android smartphone. But, It’ll be better on the tablet.


Or PC or MAC?

Also: you could run the Online Player on a stronger device and have the Master UI on this iPad?

Info here:

Works? :grinning:


No doubt about that @tablet. But to get a good grip on how the app works and what you can achieve, it might be a first step?! :wink:


Or what @benjamin says… :smiley:


I use the PC to run Fantasy Grounds. I was hoping to use a external device to take care of Syrinscape.

I just tried the online. It work, but is slower to navigate. It’ll be easier to just control Syrinscape from the PC. The online is slow on the iPad 2 and the screen from the smartphone is small.


It’s a good app, but there’s a very short learn curve. I already got how it works. I just want a nice way to control it, the best way will be the tablet, but I’ll have to use another way.


Note the 3rd Party remote control links in the app, which you could link in Fantasy Grounds or something else to control Syrinscape without having to bring it into the foreground?


Yes. I know about them. I’ll use FG to do it. But, the tablet still a better way.

Thank you.


:slight_smile: Yeah, it’s nice running it from a Tablet. Works really nicely on all the more modern iPads, so maybe grab one of those?


I don’t really want to afford a new tablet to just that. I was hoping to just use the old one I have.


@brunocalado It might run better while plugged in to a 10w 2.1A charger, instead of running from battery? On a very old device, the battery may be in poor condition which could impact performance.


I’ll try. Thank you.