Syrinscape and Apple Music


I’m considering the SuperSyrin subscription, so I can add my own music. Right now I use Apple Music and just create custom playlists for different generic situations. Is there any way of using the music I have access to via my Apple Music Subscription in Syrinscape?


The Syrinscape Soundset Creator allows you to upload your own music as wav files, so any music or samples that you have will need to be in that format before they can be added to Syrinscape. To my understanding Apple Music is similar to Netflix in that you are paying to stream the music and therefore don’t actually own it? If that’s the case then you wouldn’t be able to save the music for uploading


If you want to change the audio format of Apple Music so that you can upload them to your Syrinscape, then you could use the Audio File Converter Mac to help you. With it, then you can change the audio formats and save them to your computer, and transfer them to other platforms or devices for using.