Sync moods to ipad?

So ive created a set of moods on my pc but i cant seem to get them to show up on my ipad? Do I have to set them all up manually on my ipad as well as on my PC or is there an easier way?

I’m afraid custom moods are stored locally on your device so if you wanted to use them on your tablet then you would have to build them on that.

If you have a Supersyrin subscription then your best option would be to join up with the soundset creator beta, then you can actually create whole new sound sets (or copy and edit existing ones) on your PC and sync those across any of your devices. I was going to link you to the page where you can request access but I just noticed that you already have! But yeah once you are running the creator you will be able to do exactly what you wanted to :smiley:

Oh and as a side note the current version of the creator needs Ben to actually upload your finished soundsets but the next version (due out very shortly) will allow you to do it yourself.

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Thanks, Ive only just downloaded the sound editor and its a lot to figure out. Im sort of wandering around blind at the moment. Im hoping itll all just click at some point

For the players definitely look at the category ‘pro tips’ here in the forums, there’s lots of useful tips and videos.

Also when your granted access to the creator you will be able see a hidden section of the forum called ‘March Beta Creator’ take a look through that as there is lots of advice. There’s also a video here that Ben made that explains the creator in more detail.

Yep… everything @Caldeth said!

Every useful and faster than me again! :slight_smile:

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When will be that auto-upload feature be ready? Does locally created soundset load into the regular player of that device or they need to be uploaded by Ben aswell?

Not sure exactly but Ben has promised it will be very soon so I’m hoping the next week or so. I’ve already offered bribes of cookies and cake in an effort to get it out soon!

Anything you create in the creator has to be coded over to the player so at the minute anything you make will need to be sent to Ben for him to then make it visible in your player. That said you can play your creations straight through the creator and use that at the table instead of the player if you have a laptop and used it to make your creations. With the next version though yes you will be able to upload them yourself and sync them straight to your devices.

I think the reason for this is because samples are stored locally on your system but the actual data and coding is stored on a server so although you are creating the soundset at home the data relating to it is being stored elsewhere.

Ben’s been pretty quick though at uploading stuff so if you click the button in the creator to export and then send the zipped file over to him he normally gets it sorted for you within a couple of working days.

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I’m probably asking in the wrong topic here, and I apologize for that, but did the ability to sync your custom moods between devices ever actually get developed?

Alternatively can I navigate to the local file(s) that store what “custom mood” in a campaign means and just manually transfer that over to my tablet?

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To my knowledge, custom moods still can’t be transfered and have to be recreated on the device you want to use.
Or you will use the creator and make your moods into a custom soundset and share it across platforms.


Hi @isaacsokol, yep what New Vision said. Custom Moods are really only for pre-game prep or on the fly adjustments to soundsets. For full customisation of soundsets and the ability to sync them between devices we developed the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator, which is the same program that we now use to develop soundsets!

Custom moods are just stored in your devices temporary cache folder so there’s no real way to easily transfer the data i’m afraid.


I hate to harp on this but I got burned by this lack of feature this week.
I made about 15 custom Moods for my Dead Suns campaign on my convenient desktop setup with the intention of transferring them to my iPad to use at the gaming table.
Had to come here to the forums to find out they don’t transfer. Ugh… Now I have to try to remember how I built them and do it all over again?!?
How about a system like Hero Lab uses? Transfer data through the iTunes sync feature when you connect your device to your desktop. Not my field. Just spitballing.

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Hi @johnjoye, Like I said in the post above Custom Moods are only really meant for quick pre-game set up or to remember a state ready for your next game.

For full customisation as well as the ability to build your own sets, import sounds and sync to devices you really need the Syrinscape Soundset Creator. The Syrinscape Soundset Creator is an extremely powerful piece of software, in fact it’s the very program we use to build content.

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Just to give you guys some more feedback, like johnjoye, I just got burned by custom moods not syncing. I’ve only been using Syrinscape for about a week, so I don’t really know a lot about it yet. I used the custom moods because that’s what was suggested by one of your tutorial videos to setup for a new campaign I’m starting.

I’ll use the soundset creator moving forward, but it is somewhat frustrating to have to redo everything.

Yeah. So it’s really an issue of first time users not knowing that Custom Moods DON’T Sync across devices.

I’ll add something to the FAQ and ProTips sections.

Sorry for your hassles! :frowning:

But… on a happier note! THANKS for using our noises! :smile:

AND MOST importantly THANKS for you support as a sub!