Suggestion: Make individual parts pop-out-able

Most of you people will probably know this, but the Creator has multiple sub-windows inside the main window, for example the SoundSet / Mood list, the log, elements, the element properties and the sample/element library. Having them all open can be pretty annoying, which is why being able to turn them off individually (like it is atm) is a nice function.

However I often do need these windows, and being a guy with multiple monitors, I thought it would be need to be able to pop the windows out to move them around (like for example programs like Gimp or Photoshop work, or even the twitch chat)

This is not necessary by any means, but I thought I’d share my Idea

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This might be a problem as this is a web application which runs in your browser. There are possibilities to have that work with multiple windows, but those possibilities are quite limited. So I wouldn’t bet on that as long as this is a web application (though it is not impossible).

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Good idea.

It’s in my brain now! :slight_smile:

So I thought about the creator some more recently and as I got my hands on a new project recently I used a framework called “electron” ( for the first time.

As the creator is a web-app with angular 1 (last time I checked) this might be interesting for you and might help make the app feel “better”:

  • It would run and mostly feel like a native application
  • You wouldn’t need to run a separate web server in the background and open a browser
  • You wouldn’t need to optimize for multiple browsers
  • You could easily open multiple windows (it would be simpler than in a normal browser and you have more control)
  • Maybe you could even leverage playback the sound within the app instead of opening an extra tool / window in the background for that :smile:

Electron uses a full node.js and chromium stack which can be compiled into a runnable program for windows, mac and linux. Depending on your architecture and plans for the future you could try to keep most of the architecture in a way that would allow to use similar libraries for mobile devices (like PhoneGap or Cordova) with mostly the same codebase.

Something like this could really help to make the soundset creator “feel” more native, which is always a good thing, especially if a user isn’t really tech savvy :smile:

If you already knew about this and decided against it I would really like to hear the reasoning behind it :smile:

Have a nice day!

@greg @tai_admin Is this kind of thing where we were already headed?