Own recordings in Syrinscape


Guys, this is going to be a dumb question.

I have recorded my own clattering of pans and glasses in the kitchen, in mp3 format.

Is there a way to play this in Syrinscape during a session? Or can I play only the soundsets that come with the subscription?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Paolo_M, We developed the Syrinscape Soundset Creator especially for that purpose. The creator allows you to upload your own sounds and music, edit our existing ones and sync your creations accross your devices and with the community! The Syrinscape Soundset Creator is free to download from our website for anyone that has a Supersyrin Subscription.

All samples need to be in wav or ogg however so you mp3 samples would need to have their formats changed :slight_smile:



I did indeed subscribe to Supersyrin. And I have now converted to wav.

Could you please direct me to the fastest way to upload my file and having it available in Syrinscape? The Soundset Creator looks like a powerful tool, and one I’ll look into but right now I am overwhelmed by the many options.

I just need to bring my vaw file from my local PC into working in Syrinscape, so I can trigger it during a gaming session!



Yes the Creator is a very powerful tool, its the same program that we use to build our content :smile:

Probably the best way to get to know the Creator is through Ben’s videos, these show how to upload and sync your content as well as lots of other useful tips. You can see the videos here

Hope that helps and feel free to ask any questions!