Online Player Search Doesn't Play

Over the last couple of weeks for some unknown reason whenever I try to use the search box on the right side o the online player it for some reason doesn’t play anything. Nothing happens.
I have the desktop app up and it also doesn’t display anything playing. I am really at my wits end on how to fix this.

I am experiencing the same issue. I also noticed that I cannot add anything from the library to my current soundset anymore (through the + icon). Could this please be resolved? Otherwise I’m paying for a supersyrin subscription for nothing…

Hey there, I am having the same issue here.
I can neither play anything from the search results nor add the results to my library.

Can someone please help?

Hey @ryan.cassar is this something that you are able to answer or give an update on please?

Sure, I can try.

I just tried to reproduce these issues and was unable to do so, as far as I can see everything is working as expected. Precisely, I tried:

  1. Launch
  2. Select a SoundSet I own.
  3. Search for bugbear.
  4. Click the play icon for “Bugbear Rally Cry”, and hear the Element play.
  5. Click the play icon for “DnD Bugbear Roar_24”, and hear the Sample play.
  6. Click (+) on “Bugbear Rally Cry” Element search result, and see it get added to my SoundSet.
  7. Select this new Element, and click (+) on the “DnD Bugbear Roar_24” Sample search result, and see it get added to the Element Playlist.

I was then able to repeat all of the above at with the Online Player running.

Going through this process has lead me to 2 questions:

  1. Are you hearing any other sounds, outside of the search panel? If not, you may want to confirm you are using the appropriate Master Interface, the volume is not muted, these kinda of things.
  2. Do you know which sort of result you are looking for/finding in the Search panel? Maybe you are adding Samples into a selected Element without realising it, and it looks like nothing is happening. You might want to use the Type filter to be sure you are getting what you want (Music, Loops, SFX, Oneshots are all typed of Element)


I’m happy to go into more detail if any of this seems confusing, please just let me know so I try to help.

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Okay, so at the time of writing my previous post I was using Edge. The day after taht, I moved to Firefox and it worked for a while. At this moment, neither Edge nor Firefox does produce a sound when clicking on the icon in a search result, nor do they add the element to my SoundSet.

Answering to @ryan.cassar

  1. Yes, my soundsets I created are playing all well. Both in the web player as well with the online player.
  2. Yes, I know for example that I want to listen to the OneShot of the magic missile (kind of a good test example). It does not play the sound, when clicking onto the result

I have all the filters unchecked.

The buttons do turn blue when trying to play a search result, though.

okay, so here is a hint. I could reproduce this multiple times now:

No sounds from search when using the online player app (but all the soundsets work):

Search sounds working, when using following link and sound coming from the browser:

Interesting. You are probably on to something here, I am trying to work out what! I just tried the following:

  1. Launch
  2. Open the Online Player on my macOS laptop.
  3. Search for "bugbear battle" "battle begins", filtering by Moods and Official Content.
  4. Start the first Mood in result to confirm my Online Player connection is up and I can hear things.
  5. Search for "magic missile", filtering by OneShots and Official Content.
  6. Try all 3 of these several times each and they seem to be working.

So, some more questions, if I may :slight_smile:

  1. What device are you running the Online Player on? Maybe I am not seeing the same thing because I am running it on macOS (not Windows or Android or iOS). If you can try on a different platform you may also see different results.
  2. You say that the Buttons turn blue when you play a search result, but all official OneShots should have a colourful picture that does not change when clicked on? Other than the background pulse animation.
  3. My suggestion with the filters is to confirm we are looking at the same results, not just the type of result (e.g. Mood, Element, Sample) but also the same result exactly, if you have duplicated Official content, your private copies should also be appearing in the search results, if you do not filter them out. It could be that your versions are different somehow and that is why I am not seeing the issue.
  4. As for results not being added to your SoundSet, again I want to confirm you are familiar with the difference between Elements and Samples. If you search for Elements, you get results with varying pictures like this:

    If you search for Samples, you get results with just a play icon:

    Only Elements go in SoundSets, Samples live inside Elements, so if you have an Element selected, then Samples will have the (+) and be added to that Element, and not be visible in the SoundSet.
  5. I would love to know what is going on with the Online Player for you, but is there a reason for you to use that over the Web Player?

Apologies for the wall of text, but I’m trying to work this out together! :+1:

Been a bit busy. Thanks for the responses. I will give a try at these solutions when I get a chance and report back.

So, @ryan.cassar plicated your steps 1 through 6 on a Windows 11 computer (with the exact same search queries and filters you used) with Edge and with Firefox, but there is no sound output. The online player app shows that my device is connected, but the graph is dead and there is no sound coming out. Playing one of my SoundSets from the left does provide sound output. Only the search results are not playing.

The same search results ARE playing when using the Web Player, though.

Here are my answers

  1. Win 11, Microsoft Edge and Firefox
  2. Yes, the one shots do stay with their official icons.
  3. See above, thanks to your screenshots, I have used the exact same search keywords and filters
  4. I think I am familiar with the difference between elements and samples, however I do appreciate the explanation
  5. To be completely honest, I am new to Syrinscape and it wasn’t until your first reply, that I realized that there are indeed two ways to play sound (web and online). They are found on different web addresses, but they look identical, so other than the address bar I cant tell the difference which one I am seeing. That is probably the reason why it worked sometimes and sometimes it didn’t, as I probably visited both addresses.
    I think there is room for improvement here, at least changing the colour scheme or the banner for one of them. As the search option does not work for me one the Online Player version, I will continue to work with the web player.

Why do these two look so much alike, when they obviously work in a different manner?

I’ll try to keep this brief :slight_smile:

It sounds like we have not worked out why you are not hearing search results with the Online Player, but you are happy to use the Web Player, so might be easiest to leave it at that. Am I reading that properly?

The various pieces of terminology we use can be daunting for new users (and old users alike). We’re working towards alleviating that pain point, but for now we have to just help out where we can :slight_smile:

I absolutely agree that the two different Master Interfaces looking (nearly, not quite) identical is confusing. Part of the reasoning is historical. Not that long ago, there was only the silent version that controls the Online Player. An extra application was required, as the only way to hear anything from Syrinscape at all. We spent a very significant chunk of development time to make the Web Player as a way to replace the functionality of the Online Player, in a way that can be embedded in a website so users would no longer need this extra install to hear sounds. This Web Player needs to live inside a website, and the Master Interface makes sense for content creators and game masters to be able to hear things as they build and experiment with the SoundSets they want.

But, for all the users that are already familiar with the Online Player, this would create an echoing effect if both players responded, so we decided to create a new copy of the Master Interface that includes the embedded Web Player so users can choose which they want.

This is certainly not how we want things to stay, but it was a way for us to get the Web Player out there and in use so everyone could benefit sooner rather than later.

Hope this helps clear things up, please feel free to keep asking questions and I’ll try to help out! :+1:

Thanks for the explanation. I see your reasoning . I have probably joined Syrinscape in a time of “migration”?

It’s good to know that the dev team is aware of the confusion the two almost indistinguishable interfaces are causing to users. As said, a simple banner change could alleviate the confusion immediately.

I think this should be looked into, as it seems I am not the only one with this issue (see posts above). If you are not planning to retire the online player after a while and force users to the web player eventually, that is.

Regarding the usage of the web player, there is the following issue: in some cases, after a while the web player audio output starts crackling and breaking up. Yesterday this happened while using the web player in Edge, I was using my own SoundSet, activated an additional element, and was piping through Context Sounds from Fantasy Grounds at the same time.

After this I switched to the online player (as there was no need to use the search function), and it had no crackling for the same sound output.

Is there a way to fix this?

I appreciate the effort you are putting into explaining this to me

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Syrinscape is always in a time of migration, some of them are just more visible to users than others :slight_smile: But yes, the introduction of the Web Player is one of the bigger ones.

Part of the problem is that generally, most old users do not know what the Web Player is, and most new users do not know what the Online Player is, so without the long history lesson, it is not so easy to communicate the difference to anyone that does not already know the difference. Anyone that does know the difference, can look for some of the subtle hints, e.g. only the Master Interface with the embedded Web Player has the graphical equaliser in the SoundSet art overlay, and also on the name overlays for the playing Elements:


Again, I agree it is confusing, but we only have so much dev time, and for now this is at least functional, and users can get what they want if they know how (which they can do by reaching out to us). We have plans to make this better, but I can not give out details of when this may be released.

Part of the reason the Online Player was not turned off is there are some technical limitation moving into the Browser. The Web Audio system is not quite as powerful as the Unity audio engine, and Browsers are free to deprioritise the CPU needed for us to do the local mixing of the tracks and things like this, so in some situations we can get this crackling effect.

We have identified some key causes, and so far have found it quite simple to move from a struggling Mood to a smoothly playing Mood everywhere we have found it in our Official content, but it requires manual intervention from us, so if you find something that does not play, tell us and we can point our nose towards fixing it. And in the heat of the moment, you can typically quickly restore playback by turning off some rapid-fire Elements. If you’re interested, I believe this post (although somewhat outdated now), gives a good overview:

Where it compares the Web Player to the Fantasy Player, the same things apply to comparing the Web Player to the Online Player :slight_smile:

Keep up the awesome, I think together we can make this work :muscle:

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