New to SyrinScape & SoundSet Creator


Hey all! New two the whole thing, I just subbed today after looking around for a new tool to use over DMDJ.

The information for how to use the SoundSet Creator seems to be rather decentralized and hard to find. I’ve been playing around with it, and uploaded a SoundSet with one song, and one sound effect (just to see how to get it from my desktop to my phone), but I have been unable to find it under My Campaigns.

Could someone explain where exactly to find it, or direct me to a resource to explain that process? So far I am really impressed by the program, and I really want to make it work.


Welcome to Syrinscape! Yes the Creator is a pretty complex tool so it takes a little bit of getting used to but once you have the hang of it it’s really easy to use.

Ben’s put together a series of short videos to walk you through the steps and teach you the workflow, you can view them HERE

And of course you can always ask quetions here on the forum or directly to myself and Ben at :slight_smile:


Thank you Steve! I’ve been watching through the tutorials.

Since I have you hear, I’ll hit you up again real quick!

I just tried to upload some new samples, and I was hit with a 500 Internal Server Error.

Would you happen to know offhand what that means?


Ok that normally means you have a bad sample

All samples need to be 44.1k, 16 bit wav or ogg files (CD quality) with all meta day striped out. Do you recall what type of samples you uploaded?


They were OGG, I am not sure how to check the bit or the 44.1k thing though. I’ve just been using a converter to convert from m4a & mp3.

I just see that wav is the preferred file type, so I’m going to move to that.

The metadata had all been deleted though, I’ve made sure of that.


I re-uploaded as WAV, and all was well. I saw somewhere that the upload limit for a custom SoundScape was 100mb. Is this still the case? I was trying to string 3-4 songs together in one element, for mood, but that’ll def cap the 100mb limit.


Don’t forget: those three to four songs have an uncompressed size of more than 100MB. As soon as they are transcoded into Syrinscape, they will be much smaller. :slight_smile:


also if you upload the songs individually you can put all three under the same element and it will play in order, or random if you check the box marked shuffle


The sounds that you add to Syrinscape are all compressed by the Creator so you can actually get quite a lot of samples and music into a 100mb soundset. If you look at our soundsets in the Players they normally average around 60-70mb and they contain hundreds of samples and several pieces of music. They make a good guide for the size you should be aiming for :slight_smile: