Looking for a steady consistent boom


So in lord of the rings the scene where the balrog is chasing the fellowship there is a consistent, really deep, steady boom that is the balrog walking and I was wondering if there was a sound like that?

Edit: would be really cool if we also had a version with a crunch to it for when the large creature walks over rubble.


I turned the large footstep into a consistent boom by changing how often it plays and it’s reverb option to make it deeper. Made a large mining facility hammer with it.


Which set is that in?


Dragon Battle set, the “footfalls” element is the one you want. Also, the “broken walls” element in the same set sounds good for “breaking things while moving”. Ettin Battle set also has a “great big feet” element.

There is also a “gravel steps” element in the Clockwork Mechanism set that could be altered with the Soundset Creator.