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Is there a way to set a default size for the interface? On my old laptop (1376x768), the default size was just fine. But on my new surface book (4000x3000), its just SOOOOOOOOOO small as to be nearly unusable. At 150% opr so, its fine again, but I need to apparently reset this every time I open the program.

Sooo the latest version goes up to 200%, which is big enough, right?

The NEXT version of the players will save the previously set zoom… derp… oops… der! :smiley:

Oh yeah, the size options are just fine. Its just the annoyance of having to reset it every time I open the app. It also does not seem to have a way of remembering to always be fullscreened. And I have to redo that every time as well. I’ve seen some other people mention that around here.

Yup. So we’ll add that (obvious) remember feature next time we build.

Sorry we missed it! :smile:

Has this been implemented yet? I ask because mine doesnt save. I am running as Admin.


Not yet. This feature missed out on the current build, but it’s still on the list.

Just click away everytime you restart = exercise?!? :wink:

Really hate to bump, but was hoping to hear when this feature might hit?

It’s in our current in house test build.

Simple fix… derp for forgetting to put it in right from the start!

And NEVER apologies for bumping… squeaky wheel gets the oil… and all that! :slight_smile:

Just oiling that wheel again :slight_smile: purchased today and this doesn’t seem to have been implemented yet?

Unfortunately not. You still can adjust it manually, up to 200% iirc.

This is still on the next include list for the next build. Code has been done for 6 months… it’s just a matter of getting the build done to test and then releasing.

Non-infite dev budgets and a BIG focus on Master/Minion over the recent months has meant this stuff has been waiting in the wings, ready to go!

Sorry for the delay!!! Sooooooon!

Soooooon! ???
Cause it will have been soon a year now right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

*sad look

The version I am literally testing NOW has this built in. We are just working through a couple of minion visual glitches after working through some actual horrible chaos that was caused by being forced to upgrade to the (almost) newest versions of Unity… some really really weird code changes that killed our audio positioning in a number of weird ways… but we’ve fixed those now.

A LOT of dev time in the last few months has gone into building the strength of our servers in the face of rapidly increased growth… especially the MASSIVE increase in the number of SoundSets (and thus elements and thus samples) in our database, because of LOTS of people using the Creator really killed the way we had our server setup, so things have need multiple rebuilds AND then some really great optimization from the team (in repeated phases).

So, yes, short version, the intention is to get this now working new shiny version (with scaling remembering, OneShot volume, scrolling Campaigns, a fixed STOP button, and a few other more invisible things) out before Gen Con.

As always THANK YOU for your patience AND support! :slight_smile:

Now, less listing to me, and MORE gaming!

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