Incredibly poor performance on Mac OSX 11.7.4 Chrome

I’m running Syrinscape off Chrome on my Macbook from 2013 (Intel core I7, 1.7GHZ, 8GB RAM) running OS X Big Sur (v11.7.4). I’m using a browser, as I’m controlling Syrinscape through my Streamdeck while playing. However, more often than not, the sound breaks up and Chrome eventually dies, despite being the only open application along Streamdeck and Acrobat.
Are there any other recommendations that replacing my 10 year old Macbook with something newer? Any experience with using Safari or Firefox instead?

Hey @casper,

There’s a post here Is there a way to get better service quality? with some really good info for you that might actually fix performance on your old Macbook, but presuming you still are having problems, thoughts from me include:

  • consider running Syrinscape in a separate browser (ie if you normally use Chrome, run Syrinscape in Firefox). Run this browser with NO other tabs open and NO extensions running. The Web Player is at the mercy of the system’s and browser’s preference for apportioning CPU access, so giving the browser nothing else it and go and give its attention to can help.
  • Indeed a 10 year device IS quite old. Are there some Mac users here who might have an idea of how far towards now you’d have to come to get the smooth performance you want. To test a device you are considering buying, you can always simply navigate to the Web Player and test the sound with the FREE SoundSet “Rise of the Herald”.

If the device will run “Confronting the high priest” then it should run ALL content in Syrinscape with no probs (once we finish hunting down the remaining ‘problematic’ Moods refered to in the linked post).

If the device can’t get that one going, but WILL run “Confronting the high priest (lite)” then it will still work well for you, but you may have to chose the “(lite)” option for a few of the Moods Syrinscape offers.

Question: how does you current Macbook do with those two Moods when you try in a ‘clean’ browser as described above?

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