Feedback: Online Player

Hey team,

So I have been using this web-based online player for a long time now. The players like how easy it is, but after months of using this, I experience way more problems than when we used the client software.

It seems that every gaming session now, I am wrestling with sound stopping (sometimes players, sometimes my side), I get “connection to server is lost” messages (5 or 6 times last night), interface stops showing circles spinning, clicking on sounds to play and they do not – you name it.

I can’t blame my PC (5k gaming PC purchased last year), and I can’t blame my internet speeds or connection because all of my other services don’t cut out (Skype and Maptool) during the game.

I have just seen a deep decline ever since Syrinscape changed over to web client, to the point where I’m not sure if it is worth the frustration anymore during game.

I tried changing servers, each time explaining why and what was going on, it didn’t help - all this took place last night in case you want to look at logs and reports. Nothing seemed to help for me.

Anyway, is there some way I can go back to the local client installs again, to try that in comparison? I have never had issue back then, like I do now…

I have to be honest, last night I was debating if I should get rid of this service. Paying monthly for all these problems during a game session wasn’t what I signed up for… :frowning:

I had the same issues with a similar set-up a few months ago. (newer pc, fast connection). For me, I found the issue was chrome. Even when I cleared the cache, it still seemed to bog down. There are some technical reasons why Chrome doesn’t really clean everything up, but it’s above my pay grade. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I switched over to Firefox, and everything cleared up.

Also, if you don’t mind me asking, which soundsets were you using? Were you using pre-builts or ones you created?

At the time, I was using my own soundset that I have used in the past way back when we used the local Syrinscape client. Back then I had no issues with this specific soundset.

I was using Edge, which runs on Chromium, like Google Chrome, so good to know about Firefox as an option.

Also, this was Windows 11 in my case.

Hey @dorpond

Have you seen this thread:

There’s some good info here about what MIGHT be causing the poor performance on your Private content.

Have a read and see if any of that seems relevant.

Do this for me:

  1. Go to the Rise of the Herald SoundSet
  2. Can you run the “Confronting the High Priest” Mood smoothly with no breaking up?
  3. If you CAN, then you should be able to play ANYTHING in Syrinscape with a nice high level of complexity and richness. If you have Private content that won’t play then it is likely there is some issue with it (eg a broken element as described in the thread I linked to).
  4. If you CAN’T play that mood. Try some of the things like a different Browser, or different soundcard, or cleaning up unneeded extensions.

Let us know how you go. :slight_smile:

Hey there. Just my 2 cents. I did some testing between Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. Edge was by far the weakest. I don’t know why, but it really lagged behind the other two. In my testing I found that Firefox worked best, then Google Chrome, and lastly Edge.

Hope it helps