Fatal Error! Managed Return -1 - FIXED


Thanks for your answer Benjamin!
I tried to run as admin, same issue.
I uninstalled and run the installer as admin, then run the program as admin, same issue.
As I installed in F:, I unistalled an tried again in C, as admin. Same issue…
There are quite a few programs using either the Local or Locallow directory, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem for them to write there…


What kind of Antivirus solution do you use? It may be a possibility that your AV interferes with Syrinscape accessing those folders, God knows, why - but I won’t rule that possibility out.


Yeah, it’s got to be something on your system identifying the Creator as a threat, and restricting it’s access to write to the disk. Because Syrinscape is NOT Microsoft or Apple, our software can look suspicious to malware detectors, especially with the way we, download/upload from/to the web and write to disk.

What protections are you running?


I’d tell you to turn on logging, but you’re not even getting to the point where the log file is getting written so that won’t work! :-/


I tried to turn off Windows Defender and reinstalled as admin (in C), and then Launched as admin. Same issue :frowning:


Out of curiosity - is it a rather fresh installation of Windows 10 or is it a workstation without a lot of gaming stuff? It is possible that some runtime libraries are missing - those are usually installed with a lot of other software, but if they are missing, strange things like this can happen.


It’s more than 1 year old, with a lot of stuff. A lot :wink:


Hmmm, tricky. I guess yiur system is up to date aka patched?


Yes, patches are installed automatically


And I guess no extraordinary hard- or software? It is rather late for me now, but I will check my installation tomorrow and try to find out, what is different. Your first install was to the F: drive?


Yes, I have a SSD as C drive (mostly for System) and another one as D drive for selected software (and games) needing fast access.
All other software is on F on a regular HDD.
So initially I installed the Fantasy player on F (it’s still there, working fine) and the SoundSet Creator on F as well.
Since then I uninstalled and reinstalled many times on F and on C, getting always the same error when launching.

I also tried to launch the player.exe file. It launches, says “Connecting”, then “Auto-reconnecting”, then “Connecting” and so on…


Note also that the Syrinscape Fantasy Player file is also in the LocalLow directory…


Okay, i dove a little into windows:

  1. So, you don’t have a folder Syrinscape Soundset Creator as subdirectory here?


  1. Can you check if you have a registry entry at this location?

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Syrinscape\Syrinscape SoundSet Creator

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall{B75BAACA-9B16-44D1-8B51-87019B73A4FC}_is1(the last term may vary)

Computer\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-2679920019-2858491859-1445178808-1001\Software\Syrinscape\Syrinscape SoundSet Creator (i also think, that this cryptic number worm may vary)

The uninstall registry key points to the creator location. I think the whole issue is somehow connected to your first install onto the F: drive. Could you check if you a) have those entries in your registry and b) if there are any file paths/locations given? There SHOULD be a directory in the /AppData/Local/ branch, otherwise there was probably something broken during your initial install.

  1. I didn’t have one, I created one by hand hoping it could help but it remained empty.

  2. Yes, the 3 entries exist but no mention of directories.
    On the other hand the Fantasy player has some and it reads this way:
    C:/Users/Stéphane/AppData/LocalLow/Syrinscape/Syrinscape Fantasy Player/URI

So now I wonder if the issue may be related to my first name: Stéphane that apparently turns into Stéphane there.
Not a problem I know of for other software but?..


Yes, that could totally be it! Syrinscape is a little picky regarding those special characters, I think because of the game engine used, but you will have to talk about that kind of detail with @Benjamin or @Steve.

To verify it: can you create another user with regular characters and install the creator with this user?


Yes, I think you identified the source of the issue. Many Thanks!
I created another account with no special character and it worked fine, using the Local directory.

Now I hope either @Benjamin or @Steve can do something about it as using another account would be an issue for me as I use D20PRO on my Stéphane account, if I want to integrate both I need to have Syrinscape wotk on the Stéphane account.


Oh my gosh! I’m glad this got fixed. Sorry I didn’t think of that one earlier!!! It’s actually in our FAQ somewhere there, too!

The European letter thing is a limitation of Unity, upon which Syrinscape is built, so it’s a hard one for us to fix.

Can you consider moving everything over to a new user account… or editing the name of the existing one? I think though the problem comes in the /user/name directory… Is there a special character there? Ask google how you might change that?!

Good luck!!! And definitely let us know if we can help more!

AND NOTE: All this will be fixed permanently when the Master Minion Player comes online at the end of the year! It’s going to be GREAT!


I’m going to see if I can change the name of the existing account, even though it’s a bit scary.
I’m glad to know that it won’t be a problem anymore in the future.



As a spaniard named José I has my share of problems with many programs due to that é.

As a Unity programmer myself I can tell you it’s a problem from the engine and it’s much easier to just use the regular e with anything related to the file system.


If I remember well when I installed Win 10 I didn’t specifically put the name, I think the system used my first name without asking. I guess next time I’ll be more careful!