Eberron Rising From the Last War

Hey all, I just picked up the Eberron Rising From The Last War. I was wondering if there are plans for this world as a soundset? Will it take a campaign to be released before a soundset comes out? Just curious as I think this is going to be a really cool setting.

I don’t know if the Syrinscape team has Eberron on the horizon, so I’ll leave that for them.

But that said, I’ve been running a campaign in Eberron for the better part of a year, and been having fun with making sets for various places - different levels of Sharn, a lightning rail experience and attack, Khyber caverns, Stormreach, Xen’drik, ancient giant cities, an airship, etc. I mostly handle it by custom moods because I am not yet conversant with the Soundset Creator (because I waffle between psudo-tech genius and Luddite some days… I didn’t even own a smartphone until this year), but I can certainly recommend what I did use and if I get the time to check out Ben’s tutorials I may even be able to release some community content (unless someone beats me to it!).

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Thanks HECook. I appreciate you reaching out to me. I look forward to seeing your content if you decide to release some.

We will probably be running an Eberron adventure soon too. So anything you share would be most useful.

As I’m in the middle of a muddle, I don’t think I can master the Creator fast enough to put out community content for a soon-to-be-run campaign, but I can certainly let you know what I do use in the interim:

Lightning Rail - I use the various moods for Steam Train to Salem (Sci-Fi player) combined with sparking from Disjunction Chamber (magical resonance deep, sparks, electricity). If there’s a fight onboard the train and someone blows open the side or opens a top hatch, kick up the wind using Elements - Wind and you have yourself a Train Job. :wink:

Sharn - I use Bustling Port City for most of Dura (the dockside ward), throwing in a little of the “XXX” and “sexy party goers” from Exotic Palace for some of the red light districts. I use Magnimar for the upper wards, and throw in a little of Elements - Wind and sometimes use the “vehicle traffic”/“more vehicle traffic” from Market Street 2076 (Sci-Fi player) as they have flying/flitter sounds, which is great for the hover platforms and discs that exist in Sharn. For dockside shenanigans, I like the sets from Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path, like Eels End and Haunted fortune, which also work for many of the lower wards. The “shingles chase” mood from City Gone Mad is great for Sharn rooftop chases. Several of the sets from the Dragon Heist set also work, like Theater, Courthouse, Chase, and Alley. For the lightning rail station, I use the “Pulling into Station” mood from Steam Train to Salem combined with Bridle Town. Deep areas of Sharn I use Sewer, Dungeon Depths, and Catacombs of Wrath.

Stormreach - Bustling Port Town or Brindle Town, with some Stone Giant laughs (from stone giant battle), Bugbear curses (from Bugbear Battle), and “she’s angry now” from In the Lair of the Siren to emphasize the exotic denizens. Maybe a few lizard hisses from Ogre Battle too, and more seagulls.

Airship - I use a combination of Elements - Wind to get a brisk breeze going (howling wind, or maybe one or two of the less shrieking ones), chuck on some “creaking rigging” from High Seas, and then use some “furnace” from Elements - Fire for the elemental ring.

Xen’drik jungles - Jungle or Kaiju Island, often adding in some growls from Tiger Battle, parrot or elephant sounds from Exotic Palace, and maybe some uneasy elements from Elements - Horror, if something’s about to go down. I also keep Icy Wasteland and Desert if the jungle shifts abruptly (which it is wont to do), along with Tiger Battle, The Birds, Giant Worm Battle, Earth Elemental, Swamp, and Gator Swamp, in case of random encounters. Danger at Dunwater I also has a Lizardfolk Battle, and “Other Battles” from Dungeon of the Mad Mage 4 is good for a drow ambush. Across Cursed Sands has scorpion battle sounds (look for “old obsidian”) to add to your drow.

What other places or sounds are you needing? Let me know! :slight_smile:

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Hey all,

OK. I’ve made a “Lightning Rails” SoundSet based on @HECook’s excellent suggestions. It’s available to ALL our SuperSyrins now as community content in the Sci-fi Player.

Let me know if THAT hits the spot! :slight_smile:

I’m working my way through the others…


And I’ve made a set called “Airship”

Make sure y’all let me know anything important you reckon I should add (or change) etc…


And I’ve made a “Sharn” too. This has really got me going. I’m gonna get stuck into making something official and approved by Wizards… so give me as much feedback on these as possible.

Eberron is not something I am super knowledgable. :robot:

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Please keep creating these. The lightning rails and airship are great.

Yes, they do sound great, @benjamin!

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Thank you for setting these up @benjamin !

I just picked up the same source book, as I’m about to GM an Eberron 5e campaign and am on the hunt for Sharn music to accompany the Forgotten Relics adventure included with Eberron Rising From The Last War. Signed up for Syrinscape on a Mercer/Satine recommendation and was overjoyed to eventually find some Eberron pre-made content. Very excited to see what else happens.


Might I also recommend Jungle and Kaiju Island for Xen’drik or Q’barra? Icy wasteland for the Frostfell? And High Seas and High Seas Battle for crossing the Thunder Sea? (Huge Eberron fan since its first run in 3.5, so if you need sound recommendations for anywhere else, just let me know)

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I am running a campaign that is starting with a lot of time in the Mournlands. I might try to come up with a good soundset for that over the next few weeks that I can share.

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I recently had my group in the Mournlands, and I used some of the following to terrify my players:

Elements - Horror - Tension level III (with Aeon’s Song element down slightly) with occasional punches from Spooky’s “child’s play” element or “souls in grief” from Elements - Horror if I wanted some whispers out of the darkness. I punched up the “mist” element from Elements - Horror in the Dead-Gray Mist areas, then turned off the mist in favor of “haunted wind” element once they were out of the mist.

Because the terrain is varied, I used a few different layers when encountering different areas:

Field of Ruins - I used the “creaking building” element from Black Magga Battle and “tent flapping” from Desert Nomad camp for the ruined battlefields, with occasional “squelching” from Elements - Horror as the group makes their way through that battlefield/destroyed camp.

Glowing Chasm - combination of fire elements (I like “furnace”) from Elements - Fire, along with various magical resonances from Disjunction Chamber.

Any areas of arcane pollution - I use various elements from Sewer (squelching, oozing, gasses) along with things from Mad Scientist’s Lab (bubbling, sizzles).

Glass Plateau - I use things from Mountain Pass (increased “mountain wind” along with “tumbling pebbles”), as well as things from Glassworks - the elements where glass is broken.

Ruined Cities - The “abandoned city ambiance” element from Sci-Fi Player’s Mech Battle is a nice one to layer on top for these.

Then I had Ooze Battle and Wizard Spells on tap for any living spells that came along, as well as Clockwork Entities for any rogue constructs.

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Thank you for that! Those will certainly help, and are generally along the lines of what I had in mind.

@benjamin Is there any more word on making an official set of Eberron based Sound Sets? Either working with Wizards or even better yet, Keith Baker himself (http://keith-baker.com/)?

This world is such a unique mix of fantasy, magic technology, and cosmopolitan activity that it could really benefit from a unique group of sets crafted for it.

Holy cow guys! I totally fell off the band wagon recently due to some health issues. You have made this grow above and beyond what I orginally expected. Thank you for all the suggestions. I guess I need to upgrade my membership here so that I can create these sounds into a full sound set. You are all amazing. Thanks again.