Eberron Rising From the Last War


Hey all, I just picked up the Eberron Rising From The Last War. I was wondering if there are plans for this world as a soundset? Will it take a campaign to be released before a soundset comes out? Just curious as I think this is going to be a really cool setting.


I don’t know if the Syrinscape team has Eberron on the horizon, so I’ll leave that for them.

But that said, I’ve been running a campaign in Eberron for the better part of a year, and been having fun with making sets for various places - different levels of Sharn, a lightning rail experience and attack, Khyber caverns, Stormreach, Xen’drik, ancient giant cities, an airship, etc. I mostly handle it by custom moods because I am not yet conversant with the Soundset Creator (because I waffle between psudo-tech genius and Luddite some days… I didn’t even own a smartphone until this year), but I can certainly recommend what I did use and if I get the time to check out Ben’s tutorials I may even be able to release some community content (unless someone beats me to it!).


Thanks HECook. I appreciate you reaching out to me. I look forward to seeing your content if you decide to release some.


We will probably be running an Eberron adventure soon too. So anything you share would be most useful.