Custom moods help


Not sure if I’m missing something g but I can’t figure out to create custom moods. Take storm and bugbear battle for example. I was trying to have the rain playing and then some fighting in the background but I can’t seem to add the sounds to my custom moods tab


Hey @mjdibenedetto

Start the enigmatic silence element in the custom moods soundset. Then you’ll be able to add a custom mood there.

Click the INFO OneShot at the top right for more info.

Working for you? :slight_smile:


I was able to find one of your videos when you created a game for paizo, so that helped. But I thought I could add each individual sound bar into a custom mood so I can control it from there instead of having to find the original sound said it came from


For that level of customisation you would be needing the Syrinscape Soundset Creator, which is part of Syrinscape Online and available to all of our SuperSyrins. With that you can scratch build new soundsets using either our samples or samples that you create and upload. The soundset then functions exactly like one of our original soundsets, with all of the elements showing on the one page, ready for you to tweak in game.


hmmm. I’m still new to syrinscape so I’m figuring all this out. I have the supersyrin sub already though. I was looking at Syrinscape Online but it seemed like it was mainly geared toward remote play. I think maybe I should take another look.

which brings up a good point for new people like me, there doesn’t seem to be a clear “how to” with syrinscape or syrinscape online. it might seem pretty basic to some people but for me it’s a little overwhelming and I get lost pretty easy.


yeah after 20 minutes of messing around with Syrinscape Online, I feel pretty helpless in setting up anything in that program lol…I’ll stick with the player on my iPad for now and just live with how that functions. Should be fine for me.

I just create a campaign on my account online, add the modules I think I want in that campaign, then I can play with them on my iPad or phone.


Syrinscape Online is just coming out of beta so there are a whole load of new tutorial videos on the way. Give this first one a try and see if it helps any :slight_smile: Syrinscape SoundSet Creator Tutorials


I’ve checked out that video already too. It might just take me some more time to get used to, or maybe it’s just over my head lol. I won’t give up too soon but for now I got a campaign coming up and I’ll just make do with the fantasy player.