Created Soundset Includes Copyrighted Music I Own - How do I import it into Fantasy Player?



I created a few soundsets for a Middle-earth game I am running. They contain some music from Howard Shore that I own (LOTR and The Hobbit), so I cannot upload them to the community as the music is copyrighted. How do I get the soundsets to show up in my Fantasy Player for off-line use? I am able to export them OK, but cannot determine how to import a file into the player.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Sincerely, Kergan


Content that you upload to the Creator can only be seen by you unless it is made Community Content, so as long as it is only for personal use uploading music from a CD you own is only the same as uploading a CD to your iTunes library if that makes sense? You are just making a digital backup for personal use.


Thanks for the clarification.
Best John