Can I use Syrinscape to make sound for my PodCast?


We’d love you to use Syrinscape. If we can help to make your PodCast/YouTube Videos awesome that is great for you and great for us!

All you need to do is:

  1. Give us a shout out at some point during the game: eg “Oh and, thanks as always to Syrinscape for the amazing atmosphere and music. Make sure you check them out at You’ve just got to be using it at your gaming table.”

  2. Link to us in your credits with this kind of thing:
    Music and Sound by Syrinscape.
    The app putting sound into the hands of gamers.

  3. Use it well:

  4. Let us know when an episode goes live and we’ll give it a big push on our Social Media.

Please note: The sounds Syrinscape makes should not comprise the whole or most of the audio track of your new work (i.e. please don’t just run Syrinscape and post the resultant output so people don’t have to buy the content we have worked so hard to create).


Hi Steve we are just launching a new actual play podcast and we use syrinscape for our background fx. 3 episodes live with a stack ready to release. We credit syrinscape in the podcast itself and can add a credit to our site. See what you think:



Thanks! Mike


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing @michaelrburnett and best of luck with the show!