Battle with The Tarrasque


Any suggestions for a sound set (I’m a subscriber if that matters) for a party fighting The Tarrasque? I neglected to find anything good, and we’re going live at 3pm EST.


I’m not sure if there is a premise soundset but since you are a subscriber you could cobble something together fairly easily.

Battle at wolven pass has some good battle music. Giant footsteps can be nice for it stomping around. Dragon roar for its roar. Not sure if there is a tail swipe sound yet. Sword and bow hits and misses. Male and female exertions.


Dragon Battle as a lot of big sounds, footsteps, claws, bites, roars, crumbling rock walls, just turn off the wing sounds and breath weapon. You can add in sounds from Red Dragon City Raid for more crumbling buildings and whatnot. Elemental - Earth, has some great roars and destructive movement (“roars and movement” element) too!


What did you go with @craftzero?

And more Importantly what party is ready for the big T?!?!

And even more importantly… DID THEY SURVIVE!!!


I went with Giant Worm from the Sci-Fi player, along with music from Battle at Wolven Pass. Thank you everyone for your suggestions!

The battle was between 4 18th level characters (one a bit upgraded in power for story reasons). I used the Tarrasque from the excellent supplement "Book of the Tarrasque, which makes him more of a challenge.

The fight lasted for 12 turns, with two PC knock-downs and one death (fixed by Revifiy). They used all their resources and were on the edge of losing when they get the death blow on the Tarrasque.


Sounds epic! Glad it all went well :slight_smile:


Woah!!! In all the best ways… Woah! :slight_smile: :smiley: :beers: