Baldur's gate Avernus


Since Balder’s gate Avernus has come out, beetle and grim have put out that they are putting a code in their Box for the syrinscape version of the sound sets. So, when do those come out so we can buy the sound set?


I just got my code today, first time on Syrinscape and damn I’m blown away.


When is the soundset available?


I would love to see the Avernus sounds available as I have two different games starting this weekend!


So involving Avernus, are we expecting any more sounds as they PCs travel around the wastelands or any specific spots? Just curious as my group is about to get the graveyard artifact so they can climb down the chains and head to Camp Knucklebone.


Hey @archaratar

You’re a sub, so you’ll see Avernus Chapter 3 turn on in just a few hours!

Hope you like!!! :slight_smile: :smiley:


It dropped as we were climbing down the chain. You guys really like to play your cards close to the vest. I BSed that I needed to go outside and smoke while I got caught up and the yellow player finished downloading. When i came back, one of my players made the comment,“I hope they don’t just use random hell sounds like screaming and burning when we get to the bottom”. I just kept my mouth closed.:slight_smile:


On a side note some of my soundsets for avernus say they are preparing to download to my fantasy player, but as far as I know, they are already downloaded?
What am I missing?


Can you send me a screenshot?

Consider restarting. Hitting Cancel Download and then Downloading just one at a time?