Adventuring party by horse


Looking for horse hooves against a dirt road or grass, such that when the party rides mounted somewhere they have the appropriate “cloppage” but not on cobblestone, the occasional nicker, and maybe subtle saddle sounds. Does this exist yet? (of course a gallop and canter would be good too :slight_smile: )


Have you tried having your party take two coconuts and bang them together? :wink:

Wagon Journey has the sounds of hooves clopping, but it’s mixed up with the sounds of the wagon rolling/rattling. It also has a sounds of horses. There is no saddle sound exactly, but if you use High Sea’s “swinging hammock” sound turned down low, it could pass for creaking saddle leather.


Thank you, yes I’m aware of that one, but it does have the wagon in it, and it’s only one horse. Surprisingly there’s a lack of people on foot over various terrain. Snow (and tavern floors) are the only thing really right now.


Oo, oo, wait, I found one! Spire of Xin-Shalast’s Xin-Shalast has a “pounding hooves” element! It’s fast, for a charge or rapid travel, but it’s definitely hooves on hard ground.


Nice! and then… Drat! Sounds like a bunch of horses cantering or pulling a carriage or something… not really what I’m looking for more of a thud thud than a clop clop That sound seems to be so busy it sounds to me like someone clapping and occasionally sticking their finger in their mouth and “popping” it :smile:


Yep I was going to start a new thread my self but this is exactly what I am looking for as well. I just need horse hooves across different terrain.


While not quite perfect, check out Icy Wasteland and Desert - the “footsteps in snow (group)” and “fast steps in sand” have enough in there to sound like horses’ footsteps. Chuck in some horse sounds from Storm’s “upset horses” element (mostly snorting, nickering, and occasional neighs), and some of High Seas “swinging hammock” turned down low for creaking leather and that might work.

If you use Sci-Fi Player’s Government Facility and Upside Down, which both have a “walking on gravel loop” element, and play them both, that gives you multiple steps on a different kind of ground, too.

I hope that helps!


Add me to the list of folks looking for horse sounds!


I’m really hoping for this soundset as well… it’s really needed in a fantasy setting.


OK. @new_vision isn’t there a graveling by horse in the new Essentials adventure, dip?


@benjamin I wanted to inlcude it, but due to stubborn horses i had to erase that mood. I plan to put it back in there, once i have all the sounds. :smiley:


Ah, that’s right is there only “by foot” and “by wagon”?


Correct. Only those two. By Horses would be a helpful addition.