What happens when your subscription ends?


Hi, I’m trying to decide whether to buy half a dozen individual sets, or if it would be more cost effective to get a subscription for a couple of months. So the big question is, do you still have access to the sets you’ve downloaded once your subscription ends?

(From the free version it looks fantastic, by the way! We just can’t afford a long-term monthly outlay.)



Hi @john2, Once your subscription ends you would lose access to the back catalog of sounds, otherwise you would be able to download everything! You do however get to keep any soundsets that you had previously purchased AND any new soundsets that come out whilst you are subscribing.

Each month we release 2-3 sets valued at $3.99 each so they actually cover the cost of the sub, which is why the subscription is such great value :smile:

Alternatively of course you can purchase soundsets individually and once purchased these will remain yours to keep. They are linked to your email address so even if you changed computer or tablet you could still redownload them.

Hope that answers your question?


Thanks, that’s clear. Mostly what I expected, but I wouldn’t have guessed that you keep the soundsets released during the subscription. So yes, good value! We’ll probably get a trial subscription after my wife’s next payday, which will cover the Christmas holiday gaming season…


I found that pretty much all of the soundsets I was using during my subscription stopped working when my subscription ended.


Where they released during your subscription? If the were released before you subscribed then they would loose them when you stop subscribing unless you bought them individually. You only keep the sounds that were released during your subscription, not the ones you downloaded.


What are the ones that you are missing? As daVinci already said, everything that was released during your subscription period should be in your back catalogue and usable. The usage of everything else has expired with the termination of your subscription. :neutral_face:


Are you saying you are missing some you think you should be entitled to? If so, grab some help on support at syrinscape dot com and we’ll sort you out! :slight_smile: