War for the Crown Campaign- WIP


I’m doing an online Pathfinder playthrough of their War for the Crown campaign over on Paizo’s own Twitch channel, and recently discovered Syrinscape’s SoundSet creation tools. So, of course, I threw together a SoundSet for the portion of the campaign we’re currently on!

At the moment this only has a selection for the “Scion” and “Saboteur” portions (Acts 2&3) of the second book, Songbird, Scion, Saboteur. As we progress I plan to add more SoundSets for the different acts though, so hopefully this can help someone out there with their own adventure!


Currently includes no custom samples, just other sounds from elsewhere in Syrinscape.


Wanna export the zip from the creator (the little download symbol on the title bar of the SoundSet Inspector).

Share that with me and I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:


Sure can do boss, this should be what you’re after?


Updated with a SoundSet for the final act of Book 2: Saboteur!

Here is a direct download link to a dropbox folder with both .zips so far.


Looking at these now…

Pretty cool!!!