Using master/minion with 3rd party applications


Hi all;
I use Fantasy Grounds as my virtual desktop and have been using the DOE sound extension and VLC to broadcast various game sounds to my players. Will master/minion support 3rd party applications allowing GM’s to set up linked sounds?


Actually, I’m wondering that also. With the production version, you can create links by clicking the ‘cog’ to get the URL. Is this going to be supported with the Master/Minion? If so, how soon is that functionality going to be added to the Master/Minion (which I realize is still in beta)…?


Yes, the plan is definitely to do this (along with some of the other currently missing features.

I would expect this within the next 6 months.

*goes back to feverishly clicking


Hi. Just replying to express interest in this as well. I’m not so good as a “DJ” during my games which is why this functionality is desirable. Thank you!


Ah, its nice to be wanted :smile:


Adding my (redundant) comment of support to this thread. Third party integration for the Online player would be great!


Me too!. Definitely want this for Fantasy Grounds please.
DOE Sounds extension is excellent Dulux_Oz! :slight_smile:


Anyone know of progress on this so far please? It’s been about 4/5 months since the message saying it would take around six months…


It’s still in development, we’re not at six months yet :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply Steve


How about now? :slight_smile: