Time to step aside


Today I made the decision to leave the Syrinscape subscription. As a MacOS user I’ ve been waiting for a 3rd party integration fix during a lot of time. I’ll be back if you get it.

Best of lucks, guys!!!


We’re sorry to see you go :frowning:

The last year much of our dev time has gone into developing Syrinscape Online. Now that this is out we are able to concentrate much more on improving both the existing players and continuing to improve the Online Player. 3rd Party integration on the Mac has proved to be a tough one due to the way MacOS handles URI’s but it is something we will continue to work towards.

Hopefully we will see you back again soon!


Yeah. Thanks from me too.

Look back near the end of this year and you should find 3rd party integration activated across all platforms via the Online Player.

Thooooough… what specifically are you looking for it for? What you are trying to do may already be possible in the Online Player?!?


I would like to trigger some sounds from Fantasy Grounds…


Then yes, you’ll need the 3rd party integration we are building in the Online Player.

We did TRY to activate integration for MAC but:

  1. It was proving really difficult (the Apple writes things to stop hacks like this)
  2. Such a small percentage of users actually use MAC to run Syrinscape and/or Fantasy Grounds (but I guess you hear that sort of thing a fair bit.) :-/

Sooo, yes, check back in near the end of the year.

AND THANK YOU for the support you’ve been able to give! Sad to see you go. :frowning: