Syrinscape ProTip #27 - What SoundSet for the Monster I have in mind?!


What sort of battle are you thinking of?

Bugbear Battle can cover most human and humanoid battles, big or small.

Red Dragon City Raid has a lot of good dragon/breath weapon sounds.

If you want punches and whatnot, you could get Tavern Brawl (punches, ouchy noises, rambunctious tavern music, things breaking) or Oriental Tavern (different environment tavern, punches and kicks).

For a fight with a large animal, Tiger Battle covers anything big and predatory (tiger, bear, etc). Also comes with jungle sounds, so bonus!

Ogre Battle, Ettin Battle, or Stone Giant Battle will suit for anything big and two-legged.

If you intent for your players to fight anything mechanical, Clockwork Entities is great for that.

Undead Battle for anything that won’t stay in the grave.

For something smaller, Goblin Battle, Kobold Lair, or Giant Rat Battle would work. Goblin Battle includes explosions, Kobold Lair includes additional trap sounds, and Giant Rat Battle includes a creepy abandoned building.

If you want something flying, Flying Fiend or Nightgaunt is perfect. And in the odd occasion you’re going to fight an ooze, Ooze Battle is what you want (also has sewer sounds).

Several generic battle and spell sounds are included as the universal one-shots, so those should cover most of what you’re likely to meet!


Thank you sooooooooooo much to @HECook for compiling this list!
You are amazing! :pizza::cookie: :smiley: