Syrinscape Pro Tip #13 - How to let your players trigger sounds


I bought a bluetooth audio receiver from amazon for $20 and plugged it into the mic input of my computer. Then under audio devices and recording devices I selected “listen”. This causes any audio in the mic line to play over the speakers even while other sounds are playing.

After that its just a matter of using an ipad with bluetooth audio linked to the bluetooth receiver and players can trigger sounds from soundsets, I just ask them to only use the Pathfinder Character sets (hopefully with the creator we can give better curated lists).

Pretty simple, but now I can let my players trigger combat and spell sounds without my needing to divert my attention.


Thaaaaat’s cooool! :smile:

That way the PC sounds come out the same big speakers as the rest of the sound.



yeah. the only problem is that it only lets me use one input. but for now a shared ipad isn’t the end of the world, particularly since it can be wireless.