Stop link to Syrin Online



I really need a online link that stops all sounds being played.

It’s really simple, you call the online link and it stop all sounds exactly like the browser button.


@brunocalado Please try this link:{AUTH_TOKEN}


Worked on syrinscape-online://

Thank you. Good job.


Is there a way to get this working for the Fantasy Player? I’ve tried to use the “3rd party links” and use that for stop but it doesn’t seem to work. Using similar to trigger sounds does…

Is there a trick?


You need a extension and a module to make it work. Search Fantasy Grounds Forums


It worked for Syrinscape Online Player


Aye, I’m aware how it’s “suppose” to work :slight_smile:

I’ve used a few extensions before and even tested this same “stop” option… it doesn’t work in those either.

I’m creating my own and want to see if I can resolve this for the Syrinscape Fantasy Player (not the online player).


@Celestian I believe there is currently no support for the stop button via 3rd party integration link in the genre players. I’ll make a ticket to add it. In the mean time, you can fake it by sending play mood very quickly followed by stop mood.

Or perhaps just play for a mood that has no elements in it, or only “enigmatic silence” in it (from the “Custom Moods” soundset).


Hah! That’s exactly what I’d done in the meantime!

Thanks for the information. Hopefully the feature will be worth making it in. Being able to have it linked so I can create a default “stop” button for users ahead of time will make life easier for those less experienced.


So yes, the SoundSet “Custom Moods” has a MOOD called “Silence”.

That’ll work as a STOP button. :sweat_smile: