Soundscape for Lost Mines of Phandelvar


Anyone know whether there will be a soundset for the Lost Mines of Phandelvar as that is a great starting point for new DM’s and players. Would help to have all the appropriate sounds in one place instead of having to find ones from different places.


Currently we are focussing on the newer D&D books, like Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Dungeon of the Mad Mage etc. but it is definitely something that we may be able to go back to if Wizards of the Coast and the community would like us to.

I know lots of people have already created their own LMoP soundsets using the Syrinscape Soundset Creator. Maybe we should look at getting one of those published as community content?


It´s your design policy and I can understand that “hopping on the train of new releases” makes sense in some ways, but…

…wouldn´t that apply as well - or even more - for releases that are in more households and partially spread around the globe (= more potential customers)?

Personally, I would start with the official starter set (the mentioned LMOP) because this…just is how many people will start playing.

And speaking of popularity there are several modules with high popularity and I know a sh*tload of players that would LOVE to use syrinscape and pay for it if there were certain soundsets for these adventures available.
The premade soundsets made just for certain adventures are so awesome and I can´t repeat my self enough when I say that “beginning with the most recent ones” doesn´t make that much sense for the broad base of DMs / players (in my opinion).

Would love to see a pack for LMOP as well.


We just MIGHT have some news around this one in the sooner rather than the later! :smiley: