Searching for sounds after war or battle?


Hi… I am searching for a Sound set where People moaning and scream in pain. We are playing the red Hand of doom adventure and the Party is in the cathedrale where many injured persons lie around. Which soundset can I use? Sorry for may bad grammar. I am from Germany. :slight_smile:


The Blessed Maiden set has the elements “plagued moaning” and “more moaning” which sounds like people in distress. That also has “plagued coughing” and “sick people” for coughs and whatnot.

Following the Clues has an element called “wailing” which is a very distressed person.

Attack on Sandpoint has an element called “womenfolk screaming”. Also “children screaming” if that is useful for you. Abandon All Hope also has an element called “youth crying”, which is a crying child or toddler.

Abandoned Lunatic Asylum also has an element of “help me” which is a woman shouting for aid, which could also be of use in the chaos of battle aftermath.

I hope that helps!


Wow… thanks for so many Infos! :slight_smile:
Cheers from Germany.