RESOLVED - CURRENT BUG: Issues installing content in the Fantasy Player

Hey all!

We currently have some issues on our end at the moment which are preventing installation of new content in the Fantasy Player (and obviously updates too).

We have humans with hammers, spanners and daggers working on this right now. :japanese_goblin: :hammer: :wrench: :dagger:

We’ll keep people up to date as to when you can try again!

THANK YOU for your patience!

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I believe we have implemented a fix, but there is now some batch processing that we must do to fix the installation snapshots for affected soundsets.

We are working through that list now. There are about 20 official and community content soundsets, and about 2,000 private soundsets.

It takes about 5 minutes to process each soundset.


I have found more official soundsets outside that window that were affected. I have widened the window within which we are re-processing soundsets.

There are ~75 official and community content which are being processed first, and ~4,500 private soundsets. Not all take 5 minutes. Some are 2 minutes. Some are 30 seconds.

I know that I’ve been trying to install the Curse of Strahd soundsets all day to no avail. Can’t wait for it to be fixed!

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I thought my computer was making me another joke :slight_smile:
Glad to read that the issue is not on my side and more than that already handled :+1:
Thanks for this great tool and all the good job

(FYI , I had issues with Jungle(Tropical) and Tomb of Horrors)

Can’t install any soundsets at all… gets to 98% then fails

We discovered the problem was affecting many more soundsets than originally thought.

We implemented a new faster process to update those soundsets and that has now been executed for all official and community content.

You should now be able to install all official and community content again. Please let me know if there are any official or community content soundsets that are not installing.

Next up, we will be processing private soundsets.

There are many many more private soundsets than there are official. But if you find yourself unable to install your own private soundset, you can make a small change to it in the creator (e.g. change title, then change back) and that should put your soundset into the usual queue and it should be updated within ~15 minutes.


It works fine for me now :+1:

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Working great for me now too, and just in time as I have to run a game today!

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Great! Thanks for letting us know and thanks for your patience :grin:

Milk and cookies to @sonofconan and his team for getting it fixed :milk_glass::cookie:

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And now private soundsets should all be updated as well. The issue should now now resolved.


Well done guys for getting it back up and working and keeping everyone up to date.