Pro Tip: A deep dive into Search in Syrinscape


Thanks, @DrVesuvius! And yes the new changes that we have in the pipeline are looking really good. once we have them ready to release they should make finding things MUCH faster and easier :slight_smile:


A bit late to the game, but here are my thoughts.

  • There should be a (?) icon that displays or jumps to a page that explains how search works
  • I know you’re experimenting now, but search should be consistent between the various interfaces
  • An ‘advanced’ search should be available where you have checkboxes for mood, title, etc
  • Those tagged terms (mood, soundset, etc…) should be available from the search box. e.g. mood:wind


Thanks! Thoughts have been heard…

…ok, that is weird…

We heard your thoughts… they had that reverb, films put onto internal monolog!

Still weird! :smiley:


A simple question from a relative noob here. In the online player when searching for samples why do some things appear so many times? I am searching for footsteps. I saw Dragonfootsteps09 literally more than 20 times! I mean I get that this means that it is probably in the system many times/many instances. However they are all 1.5s. Why can’t the system collapse these? It takes far too long to search through pages and pages of repetitive results. This takes a lot of the joy out of making sound sets and moods :frowning:


It’s because it is in different soundsets. It should say which soundset in smaller font next to it. The samples may have different setting over the different soundsets so it brings up all of them.


Yes, what @davinci522 said.

Hiding duplicates is on the list of things that has been working well in our current in house version. We are needing to do a kind of fingerprinting of Elements and Samples to identify which ones really ARE duplicated or not. It’s fun.

Things have been going well with dev for our new search engine. It’s a BIG job, but we are getting excited about having something to show you as soon as possible.


Sep 3: Not tooooooooooooo long now before we should be able to show y’all something to tests and give us feedback on!

Oct 15: Things have been going well with dev for our new search engine. It’s a BIG job, but we are getting excited about having something to show you as soon as possible.

Nov 28: We are almost there… (probably)


What’s the point of this post?

Please understand we do not have infinite resources. We are literally burning dev money as fast as we possibly can right now. There are many improvements every week in all sorts of areas of the website/online/offline apps.

We are pleased to now have been able to release a reserves of upgrades to both the apps and the Online Player:

  1. numerous bug fixes (things that arose from the Unity upgrade),
  2. OneShto Master volume control in the Online Player,
  3. Making the Online Player louder,
  4. Making Moods automatically restart when new people join a game,
  5. continually scaling up as usage rapidly grows,
  6. Implimenting Nicknames so people’s real names don’t show in the Online player,
  7. better info isn’t he Master UI about the nature of the connection,
  8. The ability to switch servers if things seem slow on the one you are using.
  9. and more…

And yes, through all of this, we have:

  1. engaged in a user survey to determine what people are needing.
  2. discussed at length the best way to implement a brand new search function
  3. costed it out
  4. made in house proofs of concept
  5. decided to go for a full elastic search
  6. re-organised out database to best serve this
  7. continued to work on the implementation
  8. tested weighting of results
  9. worked out how to ‘fingerprint’ samples and elements and moods to remove duplicates
  10. continued to code and test.

Soooo… :smiley:

We really are progressing.

Sorry it doesn’t seeeem as fast as some would like… but really, truly, honestly, stay tuned… we WILL have something for people to test as SOOON as is reasonably possible.



That was a snarky response and I apologize for it.

I get that you are a small team. Just please understand that this thread is five months old and the links I put into it on this exact topic are from July of 2019 when I found that thread and that thread started in January of 2018. That’s the timeframe of these wants.

It also doesn’t help that your own list of wants and updates is out of date.

Again, my apologies.


I just started using Syrinscape, found this post, and wanted to say how relieved I am that improving search is a top priority! :slight_smile: Also thanks for the video, which did tell me a few things, even if it mostly indicated what’s currently lacking…

Like many DMs, I run my own stories, so the soundsets that correspond to specific episodes in published adventures are not directly useful to me, but the moods and elements in them are. When preparing for a session each week, I have a pretty good idea of the scenes that the players will find themslves in, and so I want to be able to quickly put together a custom soundset containing those moods, plus any useful special effects.

The online player doesn’t currently allow you to search for moods directly, but it’s nice to know that that’s coming. However, the problem I see is that moods often have rather whimsical names, e.g. “Bard’s Day Off” which doesn’t really tell you what that mood represents. Is there any plan to attach keywords to moods that define them a little better? Failing that, one possible solution is to expand the current element search. Elements do usually have names that are a little more descriptive, so searching for those gives reasonable results. If the results could also provide simple links to the moods that contains those elements, then that would be awesome. Any chance of that?