Pro Tip: A deep dive into Search in Syrinscape


Search in Syrinscape? Where are we today? Where are we headed in the future? Give some feedback to help us make things even better!

I'm sorry, but why is the search so gawdaful?
Meta Tags for searching are really bad


he he. Note my confusion at approx 4:30. I typed “goblin” into the campaign manager (our testing place for new search methods) and expected to see “Space Goblins” and other SoundSets with the word “goblins” in the title. See… There is a limitation in the (current) tag based searching… something to work on.


Search should be intuitive, elegant, and efficient. Not programmer efficient, not power user efficient, not I listen to all sounds while surfing efficient but new user day 1 first time on a computer efficient.

A 12 minute video confirms it.


Hey @uwsp, can you explain this a little bit more? I’m a bit confused. :smiley:

Are you saying that Syrinscape Search takes 12 minutes to explain? If so, then, no, that’s not the case.

But you probably meant something else?


This is what I saw and heard:

Oh, you want to find the things in the fantasy player? Simple, go to the online player and try searching there. If that didn’t work, go to the campaign manager, and do a tag search there. That should help you find what you need in the fantasy player.

Oh, you forgot that we are using medieval terms and typed bar? Well, maybe the lack of the sound sets you wanted will help jog your memory to type tavern instead. But only if you go searching in the campaign manager, which can show you tags, that the other two can’t.

Or, maybe you could search in the forums for where I did exactly this back in November? I mean, you remember every little things about your forums right? You read them all whenever you can and refresh your memory on them so you can find suggestions that might have happened a while ago?

No? You mean, you don’t have them memorized, like how you expect us to have the sounds memorized?

Well, here is the link to my previous posts.

Then keep going to my other suggestions there. Others had some good suggestions there as well.

I appreciate that you, HECook, and others can listen to the soundsets, maybe even while doing something else, and remember them. I cannot. Therefore, I need a better search engine and way to find the sets. This doesn’t even touch customizing them by having different elements playing, knowing where the elements came from, which ones are playing, etc.


More specific tips:

First of all, I want all search in one place. If you aren’t going to support one of the ways to play the soundsets, just tell us, instead of not updating it. Heck, a link in the fantasy player to the online or campaign manager would at least tell people those exist.

Second, advanced search. Select if I search in title, mood, or element. (I can say that most of the time, I don’t care about elements, so would uncheck that.)

Third, independent searching separate from sound sets. This goes along with me wanting to know what is currently playing and being able to get back to it easier than having to remember.

I’m sure I will think of more.


You know, in case you don’t go read all the other suggestions there, I want to highlight one part of my reply

Last time we played, we started at dawn with the group in Waterdeep (big fantasy city) in their rooms. So, Waterdeep -> Pleasant Sprint Day or Brindol Town -> Setting up for the Morning Trade. The one character talks about how he was just at a place and their ally was attacked and they should go back. They head to the estate in town. For this, I want a spooky or haunting theme? Something that says there might be danger just around the corner. A search of “spooky” has underground results, which don’t fit. DH Gralhund Villa -> Inside? EOA World’s Meat -> Daytime But Spooky. Wow, that’s it. I did have time to click through and find it. But what did I miss? SDG Death and Virtuosi -> Workshop or Carowyn Manor? Would they work as well? Wow. Lots of options but okay I pick something and keep going. They do end up fighting some bandits. I guess RASC Brigand’s Corridor -> Bandit Battle. Oooh, tone down that bass. No, GOS Sinister Secret 1 -> Bandits Battle without the music is better. After the fight, they go to a contact in the Mage’s Guild. Hmm. This does take a bit of searching. Library of Arcana -> The Stack and then Restricted Section are close. What I really want are a library type sounds, rustling paper and cloth, overlaid with an alchemy lab. With more time and searching, I think FOP Ranger’s Request -> Forest Laboratory is good with the bubbling sounds I want, including Steam Release, and then add a few more elements but now it’s custom. Now, how do I see all of the elements playing, pick the ones I want, put them into a Custom Item for Mage’s Guild and then keep going?

Again, that is what I’m talking about when I try and improv and look for a sound to play. Did I find that worked, yes. Was it the best choice? I don’t know. And, again, there are multiple sound sets based on Mob. That does come down to memorizing which one I liked best to use. I don’t know of any way around that.

Further, note that I already knew Waterdeep and Brindol Town as a basis. Are those both tagged with things that would result in me finding them? Does Town as a search get Waterdeep? (In the fantasy player, no, but it did somehow return Magnimar (big City) and Baldur’s Gate?)

So, again, maybe as per my suggestion in the other one, a way to start generic (location - city, forest, dungeon) a time (day, night), weather (rain, fog, sunny), and that gets me the sets that have those?


This is what frustrates me about Syrinscape. No response two weeks later when asked pointed questions about what to improve and answers given. No update on what they are doing to address issues about search.

And to keep the search that they show as the best, we have to keep paying them for supersyrin level of subscriber for an interface that still doesn’t do for us what they claim it can do.

At the very least, no going back to old posts about issues and at least giving a link to where the answers were posted, if not posted here.

It’s really frustrating.


Sorry that nobody has responded to you Evildmguy.

As @Ben says in the video at the moment we are looking at several different improvements to the way the search functions work in Syrinscape. The current search in the Genre Players was designed for when we had a lot less content but over time our libraries have grown a lot which means that changes need to be made. Before we can make those changes though we need to look at what works best for people, already we have had lots of mixed feedback from people with different needs. This thread was set up as a place for people to be able to watch the video and leave us their thoughts and feedback.

We are currently collect all of that feedback from lots of different places and collating it whilst also looking at different search models and looking to see what is possible and what matches up with the needs that the community has requested. It’s an ongoing project and something that we will be working on throughout this year.

All of your feedback above has been noted and passed to the Dev team, along with the feedback other people have sent us and all of this will help us to shape those improvements. In the meantime the video is explaining to people how to best use the current search model in the Genre Players as well as asking the community to try out the different search engines in the Campaign Manager and Syrinscape Online and let us know what they think of them



How about a map of what you are working on going forward? Include sound sets, UI improvements, etc.?

Or if that exists, a link to it?



Heya @evildmguy,

Here’s a map of our coming SoundSet releases:
Though… this does tend to get out of date pretty quickly!

Yes, and I double what @Steve said… sorry we didn’t actually respond, we literally discussed your post in our team meeting, and it went into where we ended up heading with dev… I think you’ll like it… so stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. I hope it’s all going well and you and the team are staying healthy!

Take care!


I love Syrinscape but…yeah the finding stuff. I know its meant to make sense. But finding stuff I am after. The way my brain works isn’t how Syrinscape searches for stuff. Like Crimson Throne is how I think, but I have to remember the name of the adventure or its abbreviated form. If I have the book in front of me I can do it. But a lot of the time I am trying to work out the sounds etc I want before time and I seem to spend a lot of time scrolling through and not finding what I am after.

I went looking on the site for a complete list of the Pathfinder, D&D and Starfinder adventures that have been done but I couldn’t find a complete list there. Again I may have missed it. I was going to write down the naming conventions to try and make it easier to find.

A way to reorganize would be cool. Unless that is there and I didn’t find it. Sometimes things I need are a decent sized separation and the scrolling makes what should be a smooth transition into a big pause.

Sort on element type

@benjamin or @Steve,

Is there any update or news on an improved search? Improved UI?



The dev team are working on it at the moment. They’ve just complicated the huge task of updating our entire codebase to the latest version of Unity, which was one of the major steps needed to be able to introduce the new search functions

There must be a better way to find sounds

The working proofs of concept I’ve been testing on our staging server are SUPER COOL! It’s been fascinating ‘weighting’ different elements of the search parameters to get the search returns to seem more and more sensible = Google actually does an AMAZING job = remember Altavista?! :smiley:

Not tooooooooooooo long now before we should be able to show y’all something to tests and give us feedback on!


I don’t know if it’s been asked for but the ability to filter the elements library to a distinct list would be amazing, when I’m trying to find an element I don’t care if it’s in 30 soundsets I just need to find one of them.


@dandc0711 That is definitely something we are already looking at as part of this work.


As someone who’s been critical of the difficulty in finding suitable sounds to compile soundscapes for homebrew adventures, I have to say that things have noticeably improved over the last year or so, thanks to the improvements to searching that have already been implemented.

I’m definitely finding it a lot easier to prep new ambiences using existing Syrinscape moods and elements than I used to. Not quite up to Ben’s whip-up-a-custom-mood-mid-game DJ prowess, but it’s easier. Credit where credit is due, and I’m looking forward to the further improvements you’re working on.