One Shots Play, Music Doesn't


Greetings. I’ve been using Syrinscape with DOE Sound Extension, but this problem happens even when running a sound through the player directly. One shots play correctly, whether triggered from within SyrinScape, or within Fantasy Grounds; but music does not.

So, for example, Brindol Town: Bard’s Music. I have to use the link to trigger the sound in Fantasy Grounds, as the widget isn’t available on the music selection itself. (Why IS that?) If I click the link, “Bard’s Music” lights up, the “Music” selection lights up and the player button switches from “Play” to “Pause”, exactly as if the music is playing. However, the ring doesn’t advance, and no sound plays. This occurs from inside SyrinScape, as well as when being triggered by Fantasy Grounds. The music just doesn’t play. However, if I click the music selection directly, the music will play.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


Would it be possible to post some screenshots to show exactly which “link” you are referring to and which selection? For example, I don’t see 'Bard’s Music" in Brindol town but I do see Bard’s Day Off. Just want to make sure we understand the exact issue. Thanks!